Life Lessons from the Trail - our external terrain
This week I'm starting a new series on life lessons from the trail. Often when I'm hiking there's things that I observe or thoughts that I ponder. Being in nature, very in tune with my creator and all that's around me brings to me some deep truths. My heart moves me to share my musings with you over the next few weeks. 

This week I'd like to share about our external terrain. When I'm on the local trails we're hiking paths we've travelled again and again.  They're familiar and comfortable. We know certain points along the path and their natural markers. Turn right at the big stump. The trail splits and we go right after this sharp turn left. Things like that. 

There's also certain parts of the trail we expect to be smooth where the leaves have fallen repeatedly over time and filled in the bumps and between rocks. Other parts are steep or more rocky.

So life is like that, we know the terrain, we know the obstacles, we know things that we do over and over and what parts of it will be easy and flow smoothly. We're also aware of commonly encountered obstacles in our daily life. Maybe we know some things are a challenge for us. We can mentally prepare and flow through our day with more ease when we anticipate and mentally prepare for challenges and anticipate easier parts of the day.

So one morning in particular there had been some heavy storms. The leaves that had once smoothed out the trail were now bunched in little piles. Not only were they not providing softness under our feet and steadiness by filling in the deep gaps between the rocks but they have now become obstacles. So the rocky parts were more challenging and we now had slippery piles to navigate around.

Sometimes life is that way. Storms come, trials or things we don't expect. These things can change and shift our world in ways we didn't expect. Storms of life sometimes cause a permanent shift in our day. Walking the path of life may present obstacles we didn't expect. Things that used to smooth out the rough patches aren't there anymore. We may feel unsteady. Just like navigating the parts of the trail where the leaves no longer served to steady our feet. The leaves just weren't there anymore.

Those same leaves were now piles popping up unexpectedly. In life after the storm we may slip emotionally just like we would slip on those of piles of leaves if they caught us unaware. We might need to navigate our day with more emotional care and step with some caution into situations that weren't a challenge before.

It's ok. Take your time and keep going forward. You will get there. Don't give up. Take more care. Take your time. Small steps forward are still steps forward. Eventually your foot will steady, the trail will change yet again. Your external terrain of life is ever changing. Just hold steady until things smooth out once again.

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