Orange You Happy?
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Aromatherapy Series - Fruits

Whether you use essential oils or the actual fruit to explore your sense of smell, let's take a look at what fruits have to offer emotionally and energetically.

When I learned this in aromatherapy school it was like a huge light bulb went off in my head. I had experience this when I first sat with my aromatherapist and learned about how essential oils can release my stuck emotions. That was something I experienced first hand and was huge. My emotions were more than just stuffed down, I had learned very early in my life not to even have emotions or acknowledge them in the first place. It's like they didn't exist which is beyond knowing it and stuffing it down. That's a workshop for another day and one you might be interested in attending.

So our first category in this oil / aroma series is fruits. Think of citrus fruits like lemon, orange and grapefruit. Juniper Berry is a dried berry, black pepper is also a dried fruit but mostly people associate fruit oils from the fruit rind like the citrus essential oils.

Oils from fruits tend to have an uplifting and cleansing effect not only for things like physical and lymphatic cleansing but emotionally cleansing as well. Think about how you feel when you first cut open a citrus fruit how refreshing, can you literally feel a clearing of energy in your space?

Let's start with orange as our first aroma in this series.

If you have essential oils grab your orange essential oil and if you don't have oils grab a real orange or just imagine the smell of an orange when you cut it open. That intense smell that first hits you is because you have opened the molecules in the rind and released the natural essential oil in the rind. That's why when you grate orange you have an intense smell more so than if you were to just smell some orange juice. There's a lot of oil in that rind!

So what can orange do for you emotionally? Here's where the immense power of aroma and essential oils comes in and how you can use this to help you heal emotionally. Of our five senses our sense of smell is the only one of our five senses that goes directly to the memory and emotion centers of the brain. Our other four senses are processed and filtered to determine priority and importance before heading to the memory and emotion part of the brain. If that part of the brain decides that particular input is unimportant it never gets sent to the memory or emotion part of the brain. That means whatever we smell is equally important and relevant and sent to brain's memory and emotional center. So using our sense of smell to help balance our emotions and memories has immense impact. In the hands of a trained professional this can facilitate tremendous healing power.

In addition to offering digestive support and being helpful for some skin care situations, sweet orange oil (Citrus sinensis) helps unblock and circulate stagnant energy, so if you're feeling stuck orange oil can help! It can calm tension and soothe an overwhelmed mind. Orange oil is emotionally uplifting, easing pessimism. Are you a perfectionist who can't tolerate mistakes? See if orange oil helps balance that a bit! Feeling anxious? Orange oil can be very calming!

If you need help getting oils I can help - drop me a message. If you're not ready for oils then grab a real orange, cut into the peel and feel the power of aroma. Oils are like that but concentrated. 

If you have oils and want to learn more book a consult with me to focus on an individual need or schedule an aroma freedom session to address an emotional concern - let's chat about the best type of session to schedule!

"Aroma Therapy" is therapy using your sense of smell. I'm not talking about synthetic chemical fragrance which is actually quite toxic and does you harm. I'm talking about pure plant power harnessed from the sun - the tremendous energy in the sun harnessed by the plant and extracted for you into tiny bottles of amazing power. 

I help people unlock this amazing power and use it to improve their physical health, emotional balance, mental health 

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