How do you set boundaries without being rude?

So many people have this question that’s one of the top searches on Google about boundaries. Are gentle boundaries really possible? Can one voice a boundary without being rude? What do you think?

Over the next few weeks interactions with others may increase for some people in some parts of the world. Boundaries may become somewhat of a challenge to navigate. Sometimes it’s even more of a challenge to be able to voice a boundary from a place of gentle peace. Do you sometimes feel that way?

For the next two weeks in a Facebook group I moderate and on Instagram I’ll be sharing some very simple phrases too communicate boundaries without being rude. I can also send them to you via email. 

I highly recommend practicing these phrases or rewording them to suit your style of communicating. Practicing them out loud so that your ears are used to hearing your voice speak these words helps immensely. It helped me to also pay attention to tone of voice.

Of course, this means knowing what your boundaries actually are in the first place. What are your physical limits? Emotional limits? What can you do? What can't you realistically do? Then consider, what are your preferences? Wishes? Where is there wiggle room? Can we negotiate another time? Future date? Postpone? What areas have no wiggle room? What can we rearrange?

Once you have considered these simple areas for boundaries communicating is easier. Combine that with having some key phrases and words and now boundaries can be communicated with grace and ease!

Not everyone is going to be happy about a simple boundary no matter how peacefully or gently it’s communicated or no matter how kind the tone of voice. It's human nature. People want us to do a thing we just can't manage. That’s not something we can control. We’re not responsible for how others respond. We can only control and are only responsible for how we communicate.

How does EXTRA support for gentle boundaries sound?
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