Super Boost Your Productivity with This Simple Tip
Did you ever wish ideas would just flow, gush out of you easily?
Do you want to accomplish more with less brain stress?

When you can tap BOTH the logical and creative sides of the brain you actually increase the communication between both sides of the brain. Here's a simple, fun thing you can do to increase communication between both sides of your brain and superboost your productivity

When I worked on computer helpdesk I was on the phone all day stepping people through solving their computer angst, woes and problems. All day I was using my logical brain but in order to visualize the rabbit hole people had gone down to get into the pickle they found themselves, I had to tap into visualizing what they were seeing on their screen as they described it to me verbally, then verbally  step them back out to solve their problem

Tapping into both my brain’s logical side and the creative side was a needed skill to visualize (creative side) while knowing the logical answer to resolve the issue. My “close rate” was high - meaning I’d successfully helped the person without further need for support

One of the techniques I used to help my brain tap into both sides was to do tactile shape puzzles in between calls or while we talked. Yes I actually did puzzles while on the phone and I found it helped me imagine and picture what they were doing. I was actively knocking on the creative door of my brain and opening it up

Tapping into both side of your brain and strengthening that connection creates MASSIVE shift in you as a person and you will understand and see things more deeply

What do you do to relax and create some space - tapping into the creative side of your brain has massive impact on overall mental and emotional health and can develop the skills needed

Go ahead and try it - you've got nothing to lose and may have a bit of fun along the way! 
I'd love to hear back if you want to share what you experience when you try it 

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