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Do you long for peace and emotional healing? Do you struggle with goals? Could gentle boundaries actually nourish healthy relationships? You can heal emotionally using my proven Level UP program so you can fully claim your life using gentle boundaries even if you think it's impossible for you to do. 

I was a mess emotionally and crawled my way out, now I reach back into the fire to offer my hand. Are you ready?

Single Session

Your Level UP session gets you to your next level. Each unique Level UP session combines your super power sense of smell to quickly clear your negative or limiting beliefs and create a clear path to your next level. This is a combination of tools and techniques I use personally to level up myself, groups and individuals! If you've observed me on social media or in real life leveling up and you desire some of that for you, let's get you started! Before your session you'll fill out a brief questionnaire so I can assess where you are and prepare for your personal session. 

Where are you now and where do you desire to be? Let's level you up!

What is Level UP?

My Level UP system and program outlines my personal path. I offer this to you through self-guided courses or personal coaching. 

Emotional healing and balance is the first step to being able to do gentle boundaries which, in turn, is necessary in order to fully claim your life which is how you are able to reach all your goals. Every. Single. Goal.

Our emotions are designed with a purpose. If we stuff them down and plow through because feeling them is too scary or we don't know what to do with them, we miss the message. Receiving this message is key to balance and focus, keeping our entire self in a state of calm and peace so we can actually function as designed!

Ignoring what emotions are designed and created to do does not make them go away. Learn how to tune into your emotions and what to do with them in my Emotional Balance mini course. This is your first step in your journey to peace, emotional healing and fully claiming your life.

Why You Need This

We can’t offer our whole mind, heart, soul or strength if we don’t have that in the first place. If part of our mind is stuck in the past or spinning with anxiety in the present, we don’t have a whole mind to offer. If our body is locked in fight/ flight we don’t have our whole strength. My Level UP system restores you to your whole self so you can offer your whole entire being, your whole soul, in service to Jah.

If you're not sure if Level UP is for you, scroll to the bottom of this page to find out how to apply for a complimentary consultation.

"Anyone who’s grown up with video games knows that a lot of them come with a structural hierarchy of progress. You [clear obstacles], you defeat the monster, you collect the loot and maybe the clue to the next part of the journey, and then you move on to the next level. It’s a simple, graspable way to assess where you are in contrast with where you need to be.

Now the phrase can be found in a range of contexts outside of the video-game universe, suggesting any kind of advance to the next level—whether it be a promotion at work, an upgrade to something more impressive, or a greater presence in the public consciousness"

Why I Can Empower Your Level Up

No matter the circumstances, I get it, no judgment.

I use my skill of pattern recognition as a quick intuitive to build your roadmap from here to there. I empower you to choose decisions along the way, to reach your fullest potential in the most efficient way possible.

According to my Clifton Strengths Assessment my core skills include the ability to see your big picture, understand where you are and the quickest way to get you to where you desire to be - your personal next level self.

I see your destination and how to build your road to it with ease. I've done this throughout my life in my corporate job as a technical project manager, as an entrepreneur and in my personal life for multiple groups, individuals and myself. Over and over again. Now I offer to use my gifts to your personal benefit so you can level up.

What my clients say about working with me

Meet Tara, Community Builder and Founder of Hey Girl You Can, a club on Clubhouse of an amazing community of 40K+ members

Tara and her HGYC team curate the best rooms with content designed so women feel better when they leave the room than when they came in

Tara and I got to catch up for a quick chat on IG Live about what I do in her club, how our sense of smell is an amazing gift from our creator and how I serve women to empower their growth and emotional balance using gentle boundaries plus my new Level UP program

If you're on clubhouse, scroll to the bottom of this page and connect with me!
Level UP FAQ
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Q What’s the difference between an Aroma Freedom session and a Level UP session?
A Aroma Freedom sessions follow a set protocol starting with a goal and using specific oils to clear memories.

Level UP sessions incorporate principles of Aroma Freedom but are flexible. I use my skills and strengths to identify a clear path to your goal. You leave empowered and equipped to level up. It’s a program I personally developed and designed based on years of my own self development and leveling up groups and individuals in my professional management positions. Think of it as a more fluid AFT session.

Q Do I need essential oils for my Level UP session like I do with an AFT session? 
A No. We use what you have on hand. If you have pure oils, great! If not, we use fresh herbs, dried spices or citrus fruit - items generally found in your kitchen.

Q What's the difference between a single Level UP session and the Level UP system or program?
A During a single session we focus on moving you to your next level self. We evaluate where you are, where you desire to be and the best path to that goal no matter what that goal is - business, personal, spiritual. It is similar to a single AFT session but may not be focused on uncovering memories related to your personal block moving forward. 

The Level UP system and program are designed with a clear path to healing. My personal journey to healing would have been much quicker and easier if I had someone to outline and map out a healing path. Choose self paced or learn about live support at the bottom of this page.
Level UP Program and System
Your healing journey begins here
* Presentations by Dee Castelli are for your emotional healing so you can do gentle boundaries and fully claim your life. These are the three pillars of the Level UP program and journey for healing cPTSD and trauma while remaining aligned to Jehovah and scripture. You are encouraged to do your own research to be sure everything aligns to your moral compass.

What if you had access to regular support for empowered growth, emotional healing and gentle boundaries?

How would that change your life?
Level UP System
Self Guided and On Demand
What You Get – all this is included!
  • Start with the Emotional Balance mini course
  • Decide your path and timing
  • Watch and rewatch as often as needed
  • Move forward at your own pace
  • Private chat for ongoing support
  • Discount for Level UP 1:1 sessions
  • FREE app 😮 for Android or iPhone for access to all your Level UP resources on the go

Level UP Program
Weekly and Live Group Support
What You Get – all this is included every month!
  • All workshops for the month plus the replay only available for Level UP program participants - super value right there pays for itself!
  • A complimentary 1:1 Level UP session to get you started
  • Leave the session with a solid path outlined to get you to your next level self
  • Complimentary access to other paid courses as needed and determined during the 1:1 session
  • Level UP group sessions – schedule TBD and subject to adjustment
  • Discount for 1:1 Level UP sessions
  • FREE app 😮 for Android or iPhone for access to all your Level UP resources on the go!

Do you have questions about how my Level UP program can help you overcome challenges you face personally?

Apply for a complimentary consultation: 
First click below for your complimentary Aroma Reset guide, then watch the video on the confirmation page that follows and apply for a complimentary consultation.

"Every breathing thing - let it praise Jah" 
Psalm 150

Here are the two brands of oils I recommend:
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