Calm Your Inner Critic
in 4 easy steps
For years I struggled with negative self-talk and spinning internal dialog. Instead of being my own best friend, I was a big bully to myself. It took me years for my inner voice to turn from critical to compassionate, to protect and stand up for myself with ease. Learn how to let go of shame, guilt and rumination, staying grounded and confident. Let your inner voice be reassuring and upbuilding.
Here's what you get
  • Calm Your Inner Critic Course Guide
  • Calm Your Inner Critic Journal
  • You'll learn 4 steps to calm your inner critic
  • Tools and techniques to support a loving inner voice
  • How to let go of the old stories and rewrite the script
  • You'll learn easy ways to:
    • Let go of guilt, shame, resentment
    • Stay grounded, present and centered
    • Stop absorbing and ruminating
  • So you can have a healthy and supportive inner dialog
My Level UP Program
Step 1: Calm Your Inner Critic
Your inner critic or inner dialog plays a key role in your emotional balance. 

Without emotional balance and a supportive inner dialog, gentle boundaries and empowered growth aren't possible. Emotional balance and a supportive inner voice go hand in hand. Together they are your first step in my Level UP Program.

If you struggle with negative self-talk and spinning internal dialog, this is your first step. 

"Every breathing thing - let it praise Jah" 
Psalm 150

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