Aroma Freedom Technique for Parents of Special Needs Children
Last week I was bless to learn so much of my friend's backstory and the details of her Aroma Freedom sessions. Aromatherapy is amazing and what a blessing to help guide others to a healing path during these stressful times!

During sessions the client doesn't share the memory or negative thoughts, it's all private. I'm there to serve as a guide through the process and various techniques that all make up the entire Aroma Freedom session. As a practitioner I note body language, tone of voice and other indicators so I know what a client needs as we go through a 1:1 session. Since I've got a natural inclination toward being deeply in tune to micro changes in body language and tone of voice I use these to help me as your guide understand where you are and where you need to go, how to get you from here to there. We build a bridge and guide you across gently. 

Here's Liz's interview with me and I listened with awe as she shares the details. Bonus Aroma Reset for you included in the video. You can watch it here

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