Pet and Oils
This is a question that comes up often in my workshops and with clients so I'm gathering some reference material from some reliable resources. 

Short answer - animals are instinctive and intuitive. They know what they need and they know what they don't like and are quite used to following their instinct. Humans are the ones that are taught to ignore their gut instinct and stuff their feelings down but not animals! 

Soooo I'm a bird mom 🙄 which means a ton of craziness. There was a quote I once read that said 'a home without birds is so ... quiet. True words! As long as the sun is up there spurts of chatter and whistling and occasional outbursts of screaming.

I don't diffuse 24x7 and never in every room of the house at the same time. This way pets can leave if they don't like it - our birds aren't clipped and fly freely when it's playtime. My vet, studies and the most conservative of experts agree.

From experience I know fresh eucalyptus isn't good for birds (they ate my plant and needed their tiny stomachs pumped and meds) so I don't diffuse that oil and instead use topically or in a personal steam.

Do your research and do what's best or most comfortable for you personally and if there's particular oils you're not comfortable diffusing by all means get their benefits topically or use another oil with similar natural properties.

We also have cats and we diffuse in their presence but they’re able to leave the room if they choose. I always recommend not to diffuse in every room of the entire house 24/7 even for our own selves. It's good to give our own body and olfactory system a bit of a break. Once we inhale, apply topically or ingest essential oils they're in our system for quite some time providing our bodies with all their yummy goodness. 

Essential Oils infused product line for pets that I would feel comfortable recommending:

(That's one of our African Grey parrots pictured)
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