Aroma Therapy - a key to mental health and emotional balance
Let’s talk about this thing called aromatherapy. The other day, I was thinking about how to explain what I do as an aromatherapist in an easy-to-understand way.

It All Fell into Place . . .

If we separate the words and think about it, aromatherapy is, essentially, therapy using aroma. Simple! As an aromatherapist, I specialize in emotional healing and balance, which can also improve physical wellbeing. Your sense of smell is your superpower. One of my workshops is about the power of your sense of smell, also known as your olfactory system.

The reason your sense of smell is so powerful is because there’s a direct connection between what you smell and the emotional and memory centers of your brain. All your other senses pass through another part of the brain first that prioritizes the information and determines what to do with it. Your senses of touch, taste, sight, and sound are filtered, and the information is prioritized.
Your sense of smell, however, does not have this filtering process. That’s exactly why an aroma might instantly evoke an emotion or call to mind a memory. Maybe you’ve had this experience?
Knowing that, we can leverage our sense of smell—our olfactory system—and use it as a form of therapy to unlock emotions, release stuck memories, and free ourselves from a lifetime of emotional blocks. This is what I do. I help people get unstuck emotionally and mentally using their sense of smell. Mind blown?
Check out the Aroma Freedom technique or learn more here about this superpower. You don’t need essential oils to explore your superpower sense of smell. It’s a huge aid, but I can help you with simple things you probably have around your home. And I don't mean chemical fragrances—you can’t get therapeutic benefits from toxic chemicals, and they’ll probably do more harm than good.
Natural botanicals and high-quality essential oils offer pure plant power and energy harnessed from the sun. The tremendous energy of the sun is captured by the plant and extracted for you into tiny bottles of amazing power. I have used this this power to improve my physical health, emotional balance, and mental health. If you don't already have your FREE Aroma Reset guide, scroll to the bottom of this page to grab your copy and follow along with some fresh herbs, dried spices or a citrus fruit!
*Please note, this does NOT to imply I am a therapist or mental-health professional.
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Click here to get your Aroma Reset guide - This simple technique clears your limiting beliefs and negative thoughts. Your powerful sense of smell unlocks the part of your subconscious brain responsible for making decisions on autopilot. That instinct or survival brain isn't open to reason and logic. Empower yourself at that level to accomplish every goal you set!

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  1. Hi Dee, I have really benefited from the sense of smell. I am able to pick the right oils/herbs that helps me a lot. I appreciate everything that you post and it is helpful especially when I feel like I have no way out. I’m sleeping better and my moods are easier to manage.
    Dee Castelli AUTHOR  06/27/2022 04:36 PM Central
    Hey my friend!! I’m so. Dry glad to hear from you and even more glad you have such goodness to report!! awesomeness ❤️❤️
    Dee Castelli AUTHOR  06/27/2022 04:36 PM Central
    Hey my friend!! I’m so. Dry glad to hear from you and even more glad you have such goodness to report!! awesomeness ❤️❤️

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