Emotional   Freedom
Using Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT)

What is Aroma Freedom?
Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) is the fastest, gentlest, and easiest method to uncover and set aside negative thoughts, feelings, and memories with essential oils. Memories can lie in our subconscious sometimes running in the background like a computer virus or malware, sabotaging our current goals without us even realizing why we're stuck or self sabotaging

During a session we connect the mind, body and emotion to a memory and then use your sense of smell to help free your brain and "file away" memories that interfere with your current life

Memory is not just remembering what happened but includes how we perceive future events. Implicit memory is the lesson our brain walks away with from everything we experience. That's exactly how it's supposed to work - we experience life and learn. We don't need to relearn over and over how to walk or drive a car

Sometimes, though, our brain walks away with a "learned lesson" stuck in our mind that doesn't really serve us. These prevent us from reaching our goals and fullest potential without us even realizing what is keeping us stuck. That shows up as negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, feeling not enough or unable to do a thing, or we start things strong and lose momentum

Aroma Freedom frees this connection, helps us see and process the memory. To simply file it away the way memories are normally filed away. It gets them unstuck. It doesn't suppress them, rather the brain processes the memory as an ordinary life event removing the emotional charge currently keeping it stuck and spinning in our brain and body.  

Do you struggle with future goals?  Let’s Identify and remove obstacles to reaching your full potential and conquer once and for all those negative voices and negative self talk sabotaging your forward momentum using Aroma Freedom Technique! 

Scientific Factoids - why it works and how

Aroma Freedom and Aromatherapy are based in neuroscience - the science of how the brain works - and it's fascinating! We are indeed wonderfully made - we have tremendous power in our brain and we can harness that power to use with purpose 

Our sense of smell is the first smell to develop in the womb, it's beyond our conscious control

Our sense of smell directly connects to the parts of the brain responsible for memory and emotion

It is the only one of our five senses with a direct / unfiltered connection to the brain. All our other senses send information to the part of the brain responsible for filtering out what is important and what is not. When it comes to sense of smell there is no such filter. That's why when you smell something there's an instant emotion and / or memory association beyond our control

This is what makes aromatherapy so very powerful and why I became aromatherapist in the first place. Aroma Freedom technique is very specific method I use for working with emotional blocks, helping you set them free so you achieve your fullest potential

Aroma Freedom is an entirely unique way of using essential oils, combined with proven psychological principles, to quickly and gently dissolve the negative thoughts, feelings and memories that hold us back from reaching our dreams. It uses the principle of Memory Reconsolidation, which has been studied by neuroscience as the natural way the brain updates learning and prediction

If you don't have essential oils I can get you samples for the session or we can find alternative ways to explore your sense of smell using what you already have on hand

What if you felt  empowered  to choose peace?

What would your life look life if you were  free  and living to your fullest potential?
Watch these two brief videos
To learn:
How memories get stuck in our brain
How memories and emotions get stuck in the body
Why Aroma Freedom is the best way to clear difficult memories and balance emotions

Recorded Reset Bundle
Would you love a guided Aroma Reset anytime you need it? One you can do on the go, anywhere, anytime?

   I've got you covered!!
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Learn more 
Details about the technique, how to step through it on your own. I’m here for you if you get stuck! (Personally, I often schedule my own with a fellow practitioner because I appreciate the value of a guided session)

About me and my AFT aha moment

For most of my life I lived stuck in fear, disassociation and constantly triggered except I had no clue that's what it was. What I did feel was massive muscle and joint pain. It took a full hour massage to get me relaxed enough for a chiropractor adjustment. Fear showed up as extreme digestive issues from childhood through adulthood. My shoulders were up around my ears stuck in tension and I could barely move my neck

All of that is gone now thanks to addressing the emotional pain hiding underneath all the physical pain. It's been a journey and Aroma Freedom cleared up the last little bit for me. That's what moved me to get certified as a practitioner so I could offer this to others

I combine my personal experience and healing journey with the Aroma Freedom technique. I understand deep emotional wounding that we don't want to think about. This is a very gentle and healing process

I empower others to heal unseen or deep wounding, choose peace, set themselves free from damage, live to their fullest potential as their authentic self
Thinking about certification?
Schedule a call with Dr Perkus to see if it's a good fit!
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Not sure if Aroma Freedom is for you? First, get your complimentary Aroma Reset Guide. Then read the confirmation page for your next step. 

"Every breathing thing - let it praise Jah" 
Psalm 150

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