Emotions and Memories
from spinning to peace

Have you wondered:

- How are memories stored in the brain?
- How are memories and emotions stored in the body?
- Why do our thoughts sometimes loop endlessly?
- How can I easily release those memories and thoughts?
- Is it possible to really set myself free?

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Here's what people just like you areSaying
I had no idea it was so simple to understand!

Thanks for explaining it so simply and I can't wait for my next 1:1 AFT session - we need to schedule that soon!

What if...
you learned how simple it is to release those memories and emotions spinning in your brain?

What would your life look like? 
What would you be able to accomplish?
Here's what you get
  • Imagine setting your mind free of endless looping
  • Imagine feeling ease in your body
  • Imagine releasing tension throughout your body
  • Imagine not having a stomach always tied in knots
  • Imagine not having to stuff emotions down to get through your day but rather setting them free with ease
  • How memories are stored in the brain
  • How memories and emotions are stored in the body
  • Why our thoughts sometimes loop endlessly
  • How to easily release those memories and thoughts
  • How to set yourself free

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