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Clear negative thoughts and emotions with my 60-second Aroma Reset Guide, your ultimate tool for shifting your mindset and feeling peace from deep within

Hi there! 
My name is Dee
I guide women of faith and courage to clear away negative thoughts and emotions so they can reach ALL their goals and feel good about themselves.

I do this through my Level UP Program, courses, workshops, personal sessions, and Aroma Freedom Technique combined with breath work, somatic and other practices. 

Work with me to clear overwhelm and dissolve your past and present emotional pain so you can thrive in these difficult times from a place of peace deep within yourself and easily reach every goal you set! 

I'm a trauma-informed Certified Aromatherapist and Certified Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) Practitioner. My practice is based on neuroscience and nervous system regulation. I guide your healing journey using bottom up and top down modalities. 

Looking back, I wish someone had come alongside me instead of struggling alone. Having some validation, reassurance, and encouragement would have made things much easier.

One of my biggest challenges was finding someone I could trust. I needed someone who spoke my "language" and fully grasped my struggle as a person with solid faith and sure hope. On top of that, I judged myself for even needing outside help.

I come alongside you to provide personalized suggestions, research and expertise for growth and healing. My journey took over 30 years. It doesn't need to take you that long, and you don't need to travel alone! 
Get started right away with my 60-second Aroma Reset Guide!