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I help women like you achieve emotional balance and restore physical health by focusing on the emotional connection to physical health and by reducing toxins. These two single things can have a huge impact on improving your overall wellness. Becoming centered / grounded and healing emotionally can help you handle life's bigger challenges with more ease. Reducing toxins to the extent possible improves hormonal balance thereby helping with emotional balance.

Hey there! My name is Dee and I'm a certified aromatherapist. For years I struggled with fatigue and needed to find a way to restore my vitality and possibly feel better than I ever felt before. What I discovered helped - I feel better in my 50's than I did in my 40's and truly believe what helped me can help you too. So now I'm on a mission helping women discover natural solutions that support good health. If you struggle with emotional balance check out this quick 8 minute video for some quick tips that helped me.

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