Empowered Growth - how to empower yourself
Do you sometimes feel discouraged trying to eliminate some habit or feel frustrated you lack skill in a particular area? Do you struggle with how you feel about yourself? Rather than focus on eliminating, squashing, or stuffing down an unwanted or negative emotion, let it flow through. Then work to develop qualities that will tip the scales in your favor toward empowerment.
For example, if you struggle with feeling discouraged, identify why you’re discouraged. Do you lack knowledge about a particular subject? Can you research and read up on it so you have a more in-depth understanding of the subject?
Do you wish to develop a particular skill? Then consider what you can do to develop the skill so much so that you’re overflowing with confidence.
Offset any perceived deficiency to tip the scales the other way!
This past week I was reminded of a saying "feed your faith and doubt will starve" and this is the same principle. Fill the positive so much so there's no room for negative! 

Often during a Level UP or AFT session someone may start out with a goal that sounds like “I want to lose weight” or “I want to stop feeling bad about myself.” My next question is “what DO you want” because if we focus on what we desire then what is undesirable will naturally fall aside. A goal like “I want to feel light and energized” or “I want to feel confident in myself” is a better goal.

Mindset Power Tip: 

Shift your focus to the desired and positive and pursuing that is much more productive than trying to eliminate something and leaving an empty space. This approach means all the good flows in and just pushes out what’s undesirable so they naturally just fade away. There's just no room for them.

We don’t need to work at eliminating anything, we just cultivate the good thing we desire. Does that make sense? I’d love your thoughts on this!

Strength from Inside Yourself

If you struggle with fear—being afraid of what others think, say, or feel about your growth—focus on building conviction, inner strength, and belief principles. That’s one goal of my Calm Your Inner Critic course: to help develop your inner conviction and confidence, which will support forward momentum. In that mini course, we focus on minimizing our inner critic and clearing self-judgement. At the end of the course, you will be stronger than you ever thought possible. I promise!
Often times one small change begins a flow of all sorts of good changes. Like removing a little debris from a stream and the water starts to flow. Before we know it the flow of water begins to naturally remove more debris.
Other times, offering ourselves gentle grace and acceptance coupled with one tiny step forward has amazing results.
For example, when I struggle with frustration, I set the task aside, offer myself grace, do an Aroma Reset, and see what new ideas or clarity surface. Sometimes it does, and sometimes my new understanding is that a short break would be best. Try it the next time you experience a challenge and see what shifts for you. It’s guaranteed to create a shift because that’s how our sense of smell works.
You’re human, and it’s okay. Really. Try some of these suggestions to take just one step toward offsetting any perceived deficiency instead of trying to fight it. I'd love to hear back how it turns out for you!
Then, when you’re ready, jump into my Calm Your Inner Critic Course

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  1. I love the visual of allowing the positive to flow in and fill us up, so there’s little to no room for the negative. Beautiful!
    Dee Castelli AUTHOR  09/22/2022 06:27 PM Central
    Thank you for your comment and I'm so very glad it is helpful!

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