Growth is such an integral part of life and so is healing. If we're not growing and healing we're not really living, we're just existing. A haven is a safe place of refuge for healing, a sanctuary where you can feel at peace. My wish for everyone is peace and healing so I've created this safe place for growth and healing. 

Some people liken healing and life's journey to peeling back the layers of an onion. To me that's a bit too limiting, as if our life's goal is to get to the middle. I think of it more like the palm plant growing on my deck or a spring onion that is growing. There's constant new growth from the middle sprouting out the top and a constant shedding of the outer layers that protected the new growth but no longer serve a purpose. 

Step inside this growth and healing haven as I share what has supported my growth and healing.

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Dee's Growth and Healing Haven

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