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I pour out to you my heart with these words...

The eagle and crow - you may have already heard the story of the eagle and the crow and I find it beyond inspirational

Eagles are continually harassed by smaller species. Their response? NOTHING Nada. Zip. Zero. They can't be bothered, they don't even see it as deserving their attention. THAT'S HUGE

Rather, the eagle soars every higher where the air is challenging for the smaller birds to breathe. On their own the bothersome birds leaves the eagle to descend to where the environment better suits their needs.

Lesson 1 don't even give the critics, opinions, distractions, everything pecking at you including situations or people, things that don't nourish your soul - DO NOT give them power, pay them no mind

Lesson 2 the eagle is busy soaring ever higher undistracted and keeps soaring until they are so high the much smaller bird can't hang on for lack of oxygen. It simply falls away.

The eagle gives away neither it's time or energy, it doesn't give away it's peace, it's focus or attention. It soars higher, undistracted

So I invite you to soar ever higher with the focus of an eagle, focus with laser sharp vision on your goal of soaring with empowered growth from the inside until your peace from within is truly untouchable

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