Create Your Life Intentionally
Our thoughts create our reality and our future

How Thoughts Create Reality

How we view and think about a current situation shapes the reality of that situation. Emotions arise in response to what’s happening and our emotions are formed in large part by how we view that situation, what we think of the situation.

For example if I find myself in a particular situation and feel really down about it or frustrated, I can choose to feel different emotions about that situation if I intentionally choose to think about it differently. I’ve tried it, more than once, and it works.

A few years back I was really discontent about some things happening I had little control over. I did some research on a quote I read about a man named Paul who “chose contentment“ and I wondered if can I really choose contentment and how do I do that exactly? It’s about mindset.

I also read a verse that said to "consider it all joy" when I have various difficult circumstances. How do we choose joy? Again by how we view the circumstances, our view of it and how we choose to look at it. It's about our mindset.

If we desire to change our reality we change our thinking and that changes the emotions we feel in response to the situation or circumstances. The research I did focused on keeping problems in perspective, being patient and cultivating gratitude and choosing how we respond to the circumstances.

What I discovered was that changing my viewpoint in turn created a huge shift emotionally. I no longer felt frustration, anger, sadness but rather a sense of peace, a deep and abiding peace. I had chosen contentment. Intentionally, mindfully, simply by changing my viewpoint and thought pattern.

Changing Your Future

Multiple outcomes lay ahead of any choices we make. We have before us a blank canvas, a story unwritten. The choices we make today set a path to an outcome in the future. Plus any time along that path we can create an alternate outcome by making a new choice. Every moment of every day we have the opportunity to make a new choice, to choose a new way of viewing our circumstances or situation, to determine at any given moment how to respond.

Our choices are determined by our thoughts and our emotions. Thoughts and emotions are partners  that determine how we respond to situations and circumstances. They also change the outcome for others because our tone of voice and the words we choose as we interact are based on emotions and thought.

Can you see how that all works together? Thoughts, emotions, reality and future?

So by changing how we view our current situation or circumstances we change the existing reality. By changing what we do in the present and how we choose to respond mindfully and intentionally to situations we change the outcome.

What is your new choice in this moment? Recommit to that new choice as often as needed to create a massive shift in your current reality and your future.

Learn how emotions and feelings are two different things so you can create a massive shift toward outcomes you desire

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