How Memories are Stored in the Brain
One question I get asked all the time following an Aroma Freedom session is "WOW that's amazing - ok now how did that work?"

Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) is a way to resolve memories and emotions blocking you from reaching your current goals and fullest potential.

How does it work?

AFT dissolves the emotional charge attached to a memory and uses your powerful sense of smell to process the emotion and file the memory away as just an ordinary event.

Some memories have such an emotional charge there's no where to file them away so the memories spin in our brain. Sometimes we're not even aware they are stuck in our subconscious.

The video presentation in this post reviews how memory works, what happens when emotions are attached to memories and how memories get stuck in the brain.

  • Fact #1 we're designed to explore and grow

  • Fact #2 we're designed to learn from experience and avoid pain by creating inner rules

  • Fact #3 we're designed to hide these in rules from our conscious awareness
This creates conflict between our desire to grow and explore and our desire for safety.

Sometimes we walk away with lessons learned and assumptions that don’t serve us. See the video for some examples of how this works and how to overcome these thoughts.

Some people say we should fight our negative thoughts and use affirmations to balance the negative thought. Others think you should just ignore negative thoughts and think about some thing else. These methods may work for a time but don’t really address the problem. Rather, they simply distract us from resolving the real issue and uncovering what’s behind those negative thoughts and emotions.

It’s sort of like distracting a crying baby by making funny faces or smiling. The baby may respond and be distracted from what’s really troubling her but if she's hungry or her diaper is soiled she’s still in the same situation. She's left hungry or soiled but is smiling and laughing. Once the smiling stops she's right where she was with no forward movement, no real solution. Unless we solve what’s really going on, unless we address our emotions messages, and let emotions do their job and flow, we’re really not accomplishing permanent and empowering change.

AFT uses our powerful sense of smell to directly connect to the limbic system where our basic survival instinct is stored. It moves us beyond simple emotional regulation to dissolve the emotional attachment to the memories. This is not stuffing it down or distracting ourselves, this powerfully addresses the underlying issues.

AFT then goes beyond memory reconsolidation. During a session, once the memory is dissolved, space is cleared so we fill that space with a new experience creating a powerful affirmation again using our sense of smell and muscle memory to lock that new feeling and emotion in the space you have cleared.

So I encourage you to explore AFT on my website as a way to clear away memories and emotions that keep you stuck so you can live your fully free and completely empowered life. Try an aroma reset using any natural herbs or spices you have on hand. Aroma Reset Guide

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