Symbiotic Relationships
Visualize standing on a crack becoming an ever widening chasm between your feet. When your whole world is splitting apart you can’t stand on both sides. What do you do? How does one choose priorities standing on the precipice of life?

Turning to lessons from nature helped me with some really difficult choices. 

Symbiotic relationships - the kind of symbiosis where two separate beings nurture one another. Some examples of this I’ve observed:  

Bees and flowers are not in competition. One appreciates what the other has to offer and vice versa. Each understands they’re separate from the other and they nurture one another. As the bees gather the nectar they need to make honey to continue living they help the flowers reproduce to continue living. They lift one another up and support continued joyous life. It’s an upward lift of life nurturing more life. 

In gardening there’s a concept called companion gardening where plants flourish and support one another when planted in close proximity. There’s mutual benefit but each is separate with unique gifts. There’s no jealousy or envy, there’s no comparison, no wishing they have what the other has. They bring their unique gift to the relationship and both are happy to just be in the other’s  company. 

Trees take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen which humans need to breathe. A byproduct of our breathing is carbon dioxide which the trees need to live. Again mutual benefit supporting and lifting up life. 

This type of symbiotic relationship is called mutualism and is specifically the type of symbiosis I’m referring to when I think of a symbiotic relationship.  

Humans are unique, we each offer unique gifts in our journey of life. We touch one another in distinct ways and we choose how we wish to interact with others. We choose. We do not offer others exactly what they offer us. We’re unique. No matter how small we have something to offer. Sometimes it’s a kind word, a good thought, a prayer, a smile. We choose how to share our unique selves with the lives we touch. 

One day I shared with a friend how sad I was I had limited energy to offer to do things for my friends as much as I wished. His words ring in my heart to this day “do not dismiss your most precious gift, you have words that upbuild others, do not minimize that gift” and I treasured my words from that day forward. You, too, have a gift and probably more than just one. We all do. 

May you choose people in your life who lift you up and may we each choose to use our unique gift to lift others. 

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  1. This was interesting and informative.
    Dee Castelli AUTHOR  05/19/2021 09:27 AM Central
    You’re most welcome and so glad you like it!
  2. Nice correlation and so true. Each of us has something to offer. We should never feel like we are nothing.
    Dee Castelli AUTHOR  05/20/2021 10:13 AM Central
  3. Very nice visual. The application of mutualism is soothing to me, because it relieves me to having to BE and DO the same as everyone else. Thank you.
    Dee Castelli AUTHOR  05/20/2021 01:17 PM Central
    You’re most welcome!
  4. Hi Dee, you’ right on it.
    I have thought of the Bees and the flowers how they help each other.
    And also the trees and us, how we help each other.
    And I know each of us has something to Shear with each other.
    I’d like to know more.
    Dee Castelli AUTHOR  05/20/2021 01:19 PM Central
    Absolutely- we all have gifts to share and I love all you share with me ❤️ That 21 day challenge is a good starting point to help us start to value our amazing unique gifts that we’re blessed to have

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