When emotions don't match the situation
You might know what crying spells for no reason feels like. Maybe bursts of anger with nowhere to go but you stuff it down and keep going. Panic attacks and nightmares? What’s happening and why?

Emotional Healing

We have four basic emotions - mad, sad, glad, and scared. That’s what adults teach a toddler. 

All my life I only knew glad. That was the only emotion I was in touch with and thought that the other three are bad, things to avoid. Whenever mad, sad or scared arose I stuffed it down, ignored it, plowed through every day of my life. What I didn’t realize is that all four of those emotions are gifts by design from my creator. Again I researched emotions and scripture, especially my Bible encyclopedia. Boy was that an eye-opener!

The problem is when we stuff it down the body will continue to escalate the emotion because we’re not paying attention to the situation that needs to be addressed. Our body is sending us a message, it’s telling us there is this external situation that needs to be addressed. If ignored, stuffed down and plowed through without addressing those situations, the body will escalate the emotion until it explodes. Sometimes it explodes at a time that’s inconvenient and often towards a person that has nothing to do with the original situation we left unaddressed.

That’s the key because by that time the emotion is at the highest level and loss of control is inevitable. What I learned was to tune in, to back up and figure out what I was not addressing. It was the key that finally unlocked all of everything. I regained not only my physical health but true peace, learned how to be my authentic self, honor my body and all of my emotions in a very gentle way. So I’ve made it my mission to share that with others who want peace, who want to gently move from overwhelm to peace.

Here’s a mini class to help you balance and tune into what’s happening. Please let me know if I can help support your journey to emotional balance. That’s my mission - to empower others like me to heal

Bonus Video

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Learn more · Watch this complimentary video to level up your emotional balance and healing journey TODAY when you learn the concept in this first video of the three part series. If you would like to chat about your healing journey and your next steps, just message me and mention this post.

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  1. Patricia Aponte  05/13/2021 10:10 AM Central
    I didn’t see the link for the worksheet to tap into the 4 different emotions. Perhaps I missed it somehow.
    Dee Castelli AUTHOR  05/13/2021 11:16 AM Central
    Thank you for your question! It’s an option in addition to the video and you’ll see it once you access the video. Watch the video about emotions and scroll down to see the optional worksheet and tutorial that comes with the worksheet - it’s a new mini course that I offer!

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