I had the distinct honor and pleasure of chatting with Dr. Benjamin Perkus, Clinical Physiologist, to share what moved me to pursue Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) certification and how his program changed my life and the life of others. 

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Are you thinking about certification? 

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Self Study Option - Start Anytime << that's the one I did as mentioned in the video PLUS I got to attend all the live classes that suited my schedule. 

The 8-Week Practitioner Certification program has been a blessing by teaching people from all walks of life to be able to help almost ANYONE achieve greater emotional freedom and empowerment.

Learn the 6 Aroma Freedom Techniques. It's a complete program for dissolving burdens from the past, finding balance in the present, overcoming procrastination, and choosing a future filled with possibilities and hope.

When you register for any of the options, you receive a hard-copy care package with all of the training materials to support your learning.

Then, you  join LIVE for 8 weeks of life-transformation and professional empowerment as you apply these techniques to yourself and your practice clients.

As each week progresses, you go deeper into what it means to be human, become more connected to your own deepest hopes and dreams, and feel a progressive lightening as you let go of past memories, events, and beliefs that have been keeping you stuck where you are.

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Click here to get your Aroma Reset guide - This simple technique clears your limiting beliefs and negative thoughts. Your powerful sense of smell unlocks the part of your subconscious brain responsible for making decisions on autopilot. That instinct or survival brain isn't open to reason and logic. Empower yourself at that level to accomplish every goal you set!

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