3 Tips - How to Master Your Time
How to set priorities without stress
How to set boundaries around your time without guilt
Time is precious - it's finite - there are only so many hours in a day - no more, no less, the same for all living things on this planet

Time is one of six boundary areas covered in my Gentle Boundaries mini course which is a unique look at boundaries no one else teaches. 
Here's three tips to master your time and take control of how you use your time

Try this simple exercise

1. Calculate basic life sustaining activity

You have 24 hours - 24 increments of time - think of them just that way and let's take a look at your typical weekday
Thinking of it as "increments" helps us look at it more realistically - use whatever word suits you best
Grab a piece of paper, split it in two columns - left and right column - left side is the activity and right side is the time increment for that activity
Starting with 24 "time increments" - write down these basics in the left column and how many increments for each in the right column
  • sleep -- Ideally what do you need to feel functional and rejuvenate? During sleep the brain performs it's necessary work so you're mentally and emotionally sound. Include time for a bedtime routine that sets you up for restful sleep. 8-10 increments? Write that down
  • hygiene -- This isn't self care - we're not there yet - just the basics - shower, brush teeth, hair, shave, makeup, etc - 1-2 increments?
  • food -- All you need to sustain your life - time to eat plus cooking (or take out including travel) - 3-4 increments for all meals total?
  • home -- Care and maintenance of your environment including laundry, kitchen, other cleaning - 1 increment?
  • work -- Work including travel to and from work - 8 or more increments?
  • schooling -- If you have children consider time to support their education / transportation

Total up what you have so far - is that a major eye opener?

Here’s mine

2. Next consider personal and / or immediate family needs - include family time, relax and play time

By immediate family we mean your mate and little humans you're responsible to - these are your first responsibilities
You can write it down or just consider...
  • Spiritual activity - how do you maintain and nurture your spirit?
  • What other things do you personally require as a human? As an entrepreneur? In your business? Self development? Growth and skill development? Self care? There are 9 life areas in my Gentle Boundaries course
  • Volunteer time? Do you contribute to the community?
  • Time connecting with others - friends, texting, talking, social activities?
  • Couple time
  • Parenting time

3. What increments you have left are for...

hobbies, life’s extras, vacation, caregiving or supporting other adults with needs, coordinating efforts to get others help and support they need or hands on if you choose

Is that a bit of eye opener right there? 

So what’s the purpose of this exercise? It’s just that, an exercise - to help determine where we may need better boundaries
You own your life, your increments, YOU CHOOSE how to use them - they are precious
Taking a step back and looking at reality on paper helps provide a realistic view  of your current choices
It’s a great way to step back and look at where priorities may need adjustment, what is realistic and what is not, where we need support or help
What do you think? Boundaries around time is just one of the topics in my Gentle Boundaries course and is for people who want to do boundaries without destroying relationships

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