Without emotional balance and a supportive inner voice, we cannot set simple boundaries. Without boundaries, we cannot set or reach goals.
At the same time, a lack of boundaries contributes to a harsh inner critic and emotional damage.
Failure to reach goals also affects our inner voice as we internalize and judge our failure.
It’s a self-perpetuating cycle for good or for bad because these are so interconnected.
Set that circle on its side and what happens if it's out of balance?
As that circle spins, if it wobbles in the wrong direction, it becomes a downward spiral. I help others reverse the direction into an upward spiral to lift themselves up and out. This way, they can set and reach goals.

The Downward Spiral

Often when we attempt to set goals and fail to reach them, our inner voice becomes even more critical.
That causes more emotional damage, which accelerates the downward spiral. That’s the exact opposite we hope to achieve by setting goals!

Reversing the Direction

If we start with addressing just one of those three areas, we reverse the direction into an upward spiral. With emotional balance and a supportive inner voice, boundaries flow easily, so we can set and reach goals. 
Sometimes people connect with me due to frustration in reaching goals. Other times they recognize emotional damage or a challenge with boundaries. Some people recognize challenges in all these areas!

My Story

That was me but in a loose, unstructured way. I recognized frustration with goals, so I tried to set a schedule that worked for me. I tried to put parameters around time and what I did when.
That was my first attempt at what I now know as a time boundary. Time is one of six boundary types.
That resulted in many problems and tension with others in my life, which resulted in emotional damage.
As a result, my inner critic spiraled out of control, telling me what a horrible person I am.
All I wanted was to reach some personal and spiritual goals. Instead, I was stuck in this downward spiral.
The result was a host of worsening physical symptoms I had experienced all my life: intense joint pain, gut issues and extreme fatigue. Medical tests indicated I was fine. I didn’t feel fine at all.
Bit by bit, over the course of years, I began to make baby steps and it felt like crawling my way out of a pit of deep despair.
As I look back at my assent out of that pit, I see clearly now what was happening and how I got out.

My Journey Benefits You

That’s why my workshops, courses and sessions focus on specific areas.: Inner critic, emotional balance, gentle boundaries and the idea that we can finally set and reach goals.
The way I teach and the specific steps make my method uniquely effective.
I call the whole journey “Level UP” because if someone feels like I did and can improve just one area, they may start their own upward spiral and find a way up and out.
Client after client has stepped into their upward spiral. It brings me joy to see what others go on to do, setting goals, reaching every one and feeling free, filled with joy. We need more joy and peace these days.
Ready to begin your journey?

Comment below what is your greatest area of struggle - emotions, boundaries or goals?
Share your thoughts and comments below ▼ I love hearing from you ❤️

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