Move from overwhelm to free, from chaos to calm. Reach every goal you set with ease. Break the cycle and create your new normal!
About me and why I can help you
Here’s how fear showed up in my life. Physically I had gut issues, panic attacks, nightmares, insomnia, sensitivity to noise, body and joint pain. That is, of course, what living in a constant state of flight / flight looks like. My inability to cope resulted in being constantly edgy, jumpy if someone walked into a room unexpectedly because my brain wasn’t present with me physically. There was also numbing out with mindless activity and unhealthy habits to escape reality. Emotionally it felt hopeless, helpless, powerless, isolated and trapped yet I was in complete denial these emotions were present. I only recognized them further down my journey. Along the way I tried to balance and juggle but remained torn between the people I loved, balancing everyone’s needs including my own, walking a tight rope to keep everyone happy except me, yet no one was pleased. This led to stressed relationships in general.

Several times in my life I hit the proverbial wall. My body gave out and I crashed physically, emotionally and mentally. But I was a strong person, resilient, refused to recognize what was happening. Instead, I just pivoted and adjusted trying to do better, be a better person, if I could just keep everyone happy.

I hit the final wall and a lifetime of stress took it’s toll. This time I was literally fighting for my life and could not believe what was happening. I was utterly destroyed. This course delivers what I finally learned. It brings together a lifetime of learning delivering what you need to finally claim YOUR FULL life. Let’s do this!
The things I’ve outlined in this course are key foundation pieces to reaching every goal you set and living your full life. What’s written out there about boundaries or healing or assertiveness is missing some key ingredients. Intellectually you can know all the things but if inside your core is missing these pieces, then doing the things outlined to live your full life are not possible. This course fills in those gaps and makes your full life very possible!

There’s so much written about boundaries, codependence and cPTSD but there was something missing from it all. I was learning and reading for over 30 years but found myself stuck to own it completely, to claim my life FULLY. I was unable to even set goals let alone reach them. 

I’m here to share those missing pieces, to share with you what finally worked for me.
Here's what you get
  • 7 course modules
  • You'll learn gentle external boundaries the right way so you can communicate with ease
  • Defining your self as a person so you can speak with ease, without sweating about what to say and how to say it
  • Communicating your desires clearly, simply and easily
  • How to fill your own cup so you can give freely to others from a place of joy 
  • Review key areas of life so you can clearly move forward in life
  • Create an empowered core so you can make decisions and choices from within a strong self
  • Your relationship with yourself so you can support and be your best friend
  • Surrender the constant negative thinking so you can think clearly for yourself
Bonus stuff you also get
  • Resources, experience and tools 
  • Printable guides to use along the way
  • Consult and message me throughout your course
This is my 30+ year journey from chaos to peace, from stuck in fear to fully claiming my life

I share with you all my resources, experience and tools to shortcut your journey if you feel some of the same way I felt for most of my life

There was some internal growth to do and some understanding to receive. As I’ve arrived at this place, I reach back into the fire, offering a path that may help others claim their full life

Let's make this fun and easy!

My Level UP Program
Step 4: Empowered Growth
Empowered growth is the final step in my Level UP program. It's part of the bigger picture. Without empowered growth, you're just existing. Like every living thing on our beautiful planet, we grow from the inside out and shed what no longer serves us. 

If you're ready to fully claim your life, set and meet every goal, and ensure your goals align with your heart and moral compass, this is for you! Let's clear your way for empowered growth!

"Every breathing thing - let it praise Jah" 
Psalm 150

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