Creative Problem Solving
from stuck to flow quick and easy
What would it feel like to never worry about any block again?

Whether you desire creative solutions to current problems and challenges OR you're a creative - a writer, crafter or maker - this is for YOU!

Our brain is awesome. Its electrical capacity to produce thought and create ideas never shuts off even in our sleep. So why do blocks even happen? 

It is absolutely possible to clear your current block at the source and when quickly move through any future block with ease

I'm not talking about some long process or just one block

I'm talking about swiftly identifying your current and future blocks and clearing them, then tap into abundant creativity so ideas flow swiftly and with ease

Never be stuck again in any creative process. This is for artists, writers, designers, any and all creatives OR anyone seeking creative solutions to current obstacles

If you this sounds good to you, attend the 4 week course starting Monday January 31 and then every Wednesday in February - You'll want to grab the discount pricing discount for first 20 registrants!!

What you get: 

This course combines aromatherapy with other techniques for clearing blocks. You can use any fresh, natural botanical to explore if you don't have pure essential oils. Use fresh or dried herbs, dried spices or citrus fruit for the course exercises. If you have Young Living essential oils have on hand whatever appeals to you. 

You receive access to the entire workshop replay - hours of video content and printable guides.

  • lifetime access to the full workshop replay
  • explore your sense of smell to help clear creative blocks - guaranteed to work because of how aroma interacts with our amazing brain
  • you'll learn to use this technique for any blocks current or future
  • chat, community and support for each lesson 
Lesson 1 - Introduction to the 5 Types of Blocks PLUS Clear Block #1 Overthinking
When you understand why creative blocks happen it's easy to clear them. Each week we'll review one of the 5 types of blocks, clear it and then review action steps to help you move through that type of block. Week one we'll cover the first block to our thinking process, how that gets blocked, clear it and then solid ways to flow through that type of block with ease. If you're not sure you're ready to commit to the full workshop watch the free intro and decide later! 

Lesson 2 - Overcommitment PLUS Level UP group session to identify biggest challenges and clear negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs. Do you say yes to everything? Is saying no a challenge? What if you had some easy ways to understand your time realistically? We'll step through a powerful exercise to identify exactly what you have time for so you know honestly if you can commit. 

Lesson 3 - Procrastination and Excuses
Are you afraid of what people might think? Concerned what you create isn't good enough? Think maybe you've reached your peak and feel like you're on a downward slope? Do you procrastinate and make excuses? Maybe you sit frozen looking at a blank page or computer screen? Have your creative juices just stopped flowing? 

Lesson 4 - Energy and Time
Do you have time and energy for all the things except your creative process? Are you easily sidetracked by people and the things around you? Maybe you just don't have the energy or the time? 

Lesson 5 - Life Problems and Changes
Do you have some serious issue or change happening in your life? Is your life feeling off track and disrupted in general? 

Each lesson is conducted by Dee Castelli. During each class we'll introduce the topic and concepts, and flow through using our sense of smell to clear negative thoughts and limiting beliefs throughout each workshop including the intro workshop. 

You can use any fresh herbs, dried spices or citrus fruit if you don't have Young Living essential oils. (If you'd like oils samples I can help, just reply to your confirmation email) Any natural botanical will work as long as it's not synthetic, no scented lotion or candles. This is Aroma Freedom Technique in a brand new way! This is fun and easy!

Each lesson steps through clearing obstacles in ways that set you up for success, we clear away current situations that may be creating challenges, we conclude with setting you up to flow through any blocks with ease. 
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Why I Can Empower Your Goals

No matter the circumstances, I get it, no judgment

I use my skill of pattern recognition as a quick intuitive to build a roadmap from here to there. I empower you to choose decisions along the way, to reach your fullest potential in the most efficient way possible

According to my Clifton Strength Finders my core skills include the ability to see your big picture, understand where you are and the quickest way to get you to where you desire to be - your personal next level self

I see your destination and how to build your road to it with ease. I've done this throughout my life in my corporate job as a technical project manager, as an entrepreneur and in my personal life for multiple teams, individuals and myself. Over and over again. Now I offer to use my gifts to your personal benefit so you can level up

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Would you like to check out the FREE replay before you jump into the full course?

"Every breathing thing - let it praise Jah" 
Psalm 150

Here are the two brands of oils I recommend:
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