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Message from the Artist

Hi there and welcome to my little corner of the internet. I’m delighted my art and things I create bring joy to others. I imagine a smile lights up your face receiving what you received from me. If you send my cards or gift my bits of art to others, there's more joy as your recipient opens to read your message and sees my artwork. 

People around our beautiful planet need more smiles, more joy and more peace.  

Whatever brings you to this page to visit, thanks for stopping by.

Sometimes people ask to purchase cards or bookmarks I made. If by change you're one of those people, below are samples of my work. Contact me for custom orders or use the button below and I'll choose a beautiful design to send you!

Other Purchase Options

Monthly Subscription

Greeting Card Subscription Service
This is my favorite option for you. I send you my best selection of available designs each month. 

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Reprints of Originals

Printed Cards - Economical Option
Purchase prints of my cards on extra heavy card stock. I receive a small commission for your purchase. 

My KoFi Shop

Digital Prints for Crafters
Purchase packages of digital prints for your unlimited print and use. I designed these myself as a nonAI human artist and crafter. 

FAQ - why don't you have an online shop or Etsy store?

My inventory moves so quickly that the time to list individual cards for sale just isn't there! Here are some samples of my work. Please use the quick purchase button and I'll choose a lovely design to send or you can message me to chat about what's available. Most of my orders are custom made at no added cost than the standard listing. 


Artist Trading Cards
(if you trade with me, we likely met on FB in one of the ATC groups and chat on Messenger. I'm so happy you stopped by)

Greeting Cards
More about me...
I guide steadfast women of strong faith to clear away negative thoughts and emotions so they can reach ALL their goals and feel good about themselves.