My Level UP Program

How would you feel if you were empowered with tools to clear overwhelm and reach every goal in all areas of your life?

My proven Level UP program empowers you and is not like any coaching out there. I offer you a unique approach combining experience from my emotional healing journey with tools and techniques to accelerate your emotional healing, empowering you from deep within yourself. 

I was a mess and crawled my way out. Now I reach back into the fire to offer my hand. 

Are you ready?

Choose Your Level UP Journey:

Choose your journey and get started today! Begin with one of the courses below and decide next steps as you go. What is your most pressing challenge or area for growth?
Self-Paced Journey
3 Self-Guided Courses:
  1. Calm Your Inner Critic 
  2. Emotional Healing and Balance
  3. Gentle Boundaries 
These three simple mini-courses provide you small actionable steps making it easy to travel at your own pace with encouragement and guidance along the way. Chat with me during your courses and travel your healing journey at your own pace. 

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W hat if... 

you could reach every goal you set
and didn't have to travel alone?

Why You Need This

We can’t offer our whole mind, heart, soul or strength if we don’t have that in the first place. If our body is locked in fight/ flight we don’t have our whole strength. If part of our mind is stuck in the past or spinning with anxiety in the present, we don’t have a whole mind to offer. My Level UP system restores you to your whole self so you can offer your whole entire being, your whole soul, to Jah and others from a full heart and whole mind.

My Level UP Journey

This is how I was able to reach EVERY goal. Every. Single. Goal. Even ones I thought were not possible.

Once our emotions are balanced and calm, and our inner critic is our inner friend, we can begin to learn how to do gentle boundaries. This way, reaching every goal is easy, we own and fully claim our life and finally break the cycle. 

Learn more about cPTSD and how my Level UP Program can support your healing journey: Trauma and cPTSD

What is Level UP?

Level UP is my roadmap to guide and empower your journey. It is how I healed emotionally and cleared my inner critic so I could do gentle boundaries and reach every goal I set. 

Travel your journey and identify your next steps and the tools you need to get from here to there. 

Simply put, this is my personal coaching program. I developed this for others who are ready to fully claim their lives and be empowered to reach their goals. 
Not sure if Level UP is for you or where to begin? First, get your complimentary Aroma Reset Guide. Then read the confirmation page for your next step. 

Meaning behind Level UP -- from Words We're Watching Merriam-Webster
"Anyone who’s grown up with video games knows that a lot of them come with a structural hierarchy of progress. You [clear obstacles], you defeat the monster, you collect the loot and maybe the clue to the next part of the journey, and then you move on to the next level. It’s a simple, graspable way to assess where you are in contrast with where you need to be.

Now the phrase can be found in a range of contexts outside of the video-game universe, suggesting any kind of advance to the next level"

How I Empower You to Level Up

I guide you to clear your limiting beliefs at the source. Life events create stories that create our limiting beliefs. Our survival or instinct brain uses these stories and limiting beliefs to make quick decisions that protect us from perceived threats or dangers, even if those choices are not rational or helpful in our current situation. I guide you to uncover the source of these limiting beliefs and clear them away so you can make more informed and beneficial decisions. Your daily Aroma Reset practice is your very first step. 

What my clients say about working with me

Meet Tashena - she's a capable professional rocking her corporate job plus her multiple income streams. She is able to balance everything to get it all done. She was one who stuffed it down and kept plowing through because who has time to deal with emotions? Double down and keep going. Then it happened. The proverbial wall. She "had a post traumatic stress disorder breakdown. In public. On vacation." She began a new level of healing and says "because I stopped running, repressing, fighting the triggers are less". She reports "I have been getting regular sessions since February and this is hands down the best reprogramming technique for the subconscious mind" according to posts she's shared publicly on her socials. 
Here's Liz - she's an amazing mom of a special needs child. She helps other parents of special needs children through her social media. She's a professional running her own business. In a 55 minute interview Liz shares her experiences following a single session with me and how it helped her work through special challenges, memories and emotions. Following her sessions with me I observed a shift as Liz opened up and starting sharing her story and her own healing journey on social media. She dove deep into helping other parents of special needs children and has done such amazing things!!

Meet Tara, Community Builder and Founder of Hey Girl You Can, a club on Clubhouse of an amazing community of 40K+ members

Tara and her HGYC team curate the best rooms with content designed so women feel better when they leave the room than when they came in

Tara and I got to catch up for a quick chat on IG Live about what I do in her club, how our sense of smell is an amazing gift from our creator and how I serve women to empower their growth and emotional balance using gentle boundaries plus my new Level UP program

If you're on clubhouse, scroll to the bottom of this page and connect with me!

Jesus had it right when he said the greatest commandment is to love Jah with our whole heart, mind, strength and soul. My study Bible notes dive deeper into the meaning of the words Jesus selected. He intended them to overlap. Heart means our emotions, desires and feelings. Mind is our intellectual faculties. Strength includes our physical strength and overlaps with mental ability. Our soul is our whole being. (based on Mark 12:30)

This is an illustration I use in courses and workshops to illustrate what I know based on scripture and neuroscience. That's a fancy word for the function of our brain and nervous system. Over the years as I study science, I make sure it aligns with scripture. It delights me when it lines up so closely!
Begin your journey for free! Download the Aroma Reset Guide and recordings and begin this as your daily practice. When you're ready come back and begin your courses!
"Every breathing thing - let it praise Jah"
Psalm 150
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