My Favorite Reads for Healing
these have helped me personally to Level UP
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This was by far the most helpful of all the books
It comforted me to see boundaries from a Christian perspective. After reading the scripture references I did my own additional research in my Bible study resources and it was enlightening to say the least. If you'd like more information on my sources please contact me and incorporate some of this information in my Gentle Boundaries course

** Language alert on this one
I suggest the website as a great reference if you don't want to invest in the book. It was especially helpful for me to learn the four trauma types and how to shrink my inner critic which I incorporate into my Fully Claim Your Life Course

This is by the same author as Boundaries and I scanned the book without comprehensive study. It helped me get a grasp on the idea that some people are safe for me and how to connect with them.

When interacting with those who have difficulty regulating emotions, techniques like this may be limited in coming to reconciliation. However, learning to communicate from a place of compassion will always improve and assist us in exiting an unsafe situation more peacefully. That's what this book has helped me do.
Infants require nurturing, protection and guidance. Without these three, our nervous system becomes wired and programmed to live in survival mode. Kelly McDaniel also outlines something she calls third-degree mother hunger if the source of your fear is the very person who is supposed to nurture and protect you. For me, this gets to the root of cPTSD and understanding how generational patterns continue. It isn't about blame, but rather awareness and how to own moving forward as an adult. 
This helped me begin to understand boundaries and to find my voice. Still, I had to adjust and learn to speak gentle boundaries more in line with my nature and moral compass so I developed what I call Gentle Boundaries

This helped me understand others are not my responsibility and how to surrender being a "fixer" even when others expect me to solve their problems for them. It helped me understand how to empower and validate others who wish to have that type of balanced support.

Dr Perkus, who created the Aroma Freedom Technique, wrote a book so individuals can guide themselves through a full session. It also provides some great information on how memories get stuck and how memory reconsolidation works during an AFT Session.
This book for empowered growth comes with a free assessment and focuses on expanding your strengths. Many assessments I experienced in corporate management focused on finding personal "defects" and fixing them. This method focuses purely on top strengths and how to empower growth which is the focus of my Fully Claim Your Life Course

I'm including this book because clearing physical clutter helped me emotionally and mentally. There were many things I kept out of obligation not because I enjoyed or even liked them. This was part of my journey when I was redefining myself as I share in my Fully Claim Your Life Course

My poetry book plus it contains my original artwork. The book mirrors my journey from darkness into light. Writing it and adding artwork I did during my healing journey was therapeutic for me.  I hope you enjoy reading it. For those that know me, it is kind of dark and a bit raw as it speaks from my most broken place and time. 
Download this to keep as a reference to quickly lower very high emotions and calm your nervous system. Bonus if you add natural aroma. I recommend herbs, spices or high quality essential oils. Great tool for calming flashbacks. 
New Reads
These concepts are helping me personally Level UP 
This book is Leveling UP my Emotional Balance course and emotional healing in a brand new way. Exploring polyvagal theory improved my emotional healing techniques I offer others in my Aroma Freedom sessions and my Level UP sessions. Learn more in my FREE workshop replay: Retrain Your Brain

This one is new for me in 2022 and I incorporate the concept into my Level UP sessions and program because saying affirmations as a "why" questions prompts the brain into solution oriented thinking. Combining this with Aroma Reset completely changed how I flow through every day with ease
A picture book outlining the Aroma Freedom Technique by Tammy Hawksworth. It's an excellent way to step a child, someone challenged to express their emotions or be in touch with their body, someone with reading or comprehension challenges or a non-verbal adult to connect with themselves and stay calm.
This is written by my sister in the faith and has brought me such comfort as someone who is very "in tune" to my surrounding and the energy and feelings of others. While some make things like HSP and empath all "woowoo" the concept is solidly based in science. If you've ever heard the words "you're too sensitive" then check out the book description and see if this is for you.

"Every breathing thing - let it praise Jah" 
Psalm 150

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