Top 3 Courses
These are my top courses to get you a quick win right away. My courses focus on quick, clear, actionable things you can do immediately. My guides and short videos effectively focus your time and energy so you can make significant changes with ease.
Calm Your Inner Critic
in 4 easy steps
Clear away negative self-talk, shame, guilt and rumination. Turn your inner critic into a supportive and empowering inner friend!

Emotional Balance
from chaos to calm in three easy steps 

Move from a turbulent, churning ocean of emotion to a serene and calm lake that flows out as a gentle stream.
Gentle Boundaries
from trapped to free with grace and ease

Establish and maintain good, healthy boundaries that convey gentle strength and kindness that improve relationships with these 4 steps that make boundaries simple and easy!

Advanced Course 
Fully Claim Your Life
cycle breaking for a new normal
If you feel torn in all directions, filling everyone else’s needs at the expense of your mental, emotional and physical well-being, move from overwhelmed to free, from chaos to calm.

Coaching Options

My Level UP Program

The above courses are my path and journey, my methods and processes for emotional healing so you can do gentle boundaries and fully claim your life. These are the pillars of my Level UP coaching program. 

Live Classes and Community

My LIVE workshops and masterclasses are interactive ways to receive further support. My community is made up of strong, resilient women who have triumphed over tremendous obstacles. Despite feeling overwhelmed, we persist with unwavering determination to reach our personal and business goals. Many are entrepreneurs or running a side business, and all share a common experience of trauma and navigating unhealthy or abusive relationships. My community provides a safe space to share your struggles and connect with others who understand. Join us to unleash your inner strength among supportive and kindred souls.

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"Every breathing thing - let it praise Jah" 
Psalm 150

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