Group Aroma Freedom (AFT) Limited Seating

Group Aroma Freedom (AFT) Limited Seating

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This is a great way to experience an Aroma Freedom session and split the cost with a group

This is for you if

  • You experience self sabotage and don't know why
  • You keep starting out strong and have trouble sticking to your goals
  • You feel stuck, unable to stay focused and move forward
  • You struggle with feelings of overwhelm or procrastination
  • You struggle with future goals

About This Event

Join this group session to uncover obstacles to reaching your full potential and conquer once and for all the negative voices and negative self talk sabotaging your forward momentum!

During this Aroma Freedom session we uncover memories holding you back and release whatever is keeping you stuck. You'll be free to move forward, find flow and create the life you deserve

Aroma Freedom is a step by step process to dissolve negative thoughts, feelings and memories that interfere with our sense of identity, our beliefs about ourself. It helps us clear the past and stay motivated in the present

These are small group sessions with limited seating to provide some focused individual attention

Contact me if you want to schedule this for a small group as a private event. It's a great way to split the cost of a full session

One hour video conference