My Journey
My tiny legs dangled from the edge of the table. The paper crinkled under me as I shifted and the doctor looked me in the eyes. “If you don’t learn to hold down food, you will die,” he said in a serious tone. Even though I was only eight years old, I understood the gravity of those words. I had lost three people very dear to me in just one year when I was five. I also prayed every night, “If I die before I wake . . .” according to what I had been taught.

So there I was, a child diagnosed with a “nervous stomach” and tasked with learning how to hold down food. No one tried to teach me how to do it, but I knew I had to figure it out — it meant my life. I discovered that if I closed my eyes and breathed slowly, the twisted feeling I had in my stomach would ease. At that young age, I learned by instinct how to control my physical body using my mind and breathing. From then on, I’ve used breathing and thought to calm my body and help my digestion.

A turning point

Several years ago I learned to amplify that ability to calm my nervous system by using my sense of smell, and I understand the science behind it. Now I know that our amazing nervous system is designed to keep us alive, even though it sometimes doesn’t feel like it when we experience the high-energy fight-or-flight mode that twists our stomach into knots and activates hyper-awareness of our surroundings. 

I’ve also learned that instead of stuffing our emotions down because they’re scary, it’s possible to feel emotions from a place of peace. I understand what each emotion is designed and created to do and how to pay attention to them.

What prompted my shift

I ate well, exercised, and was very active all my adult life. Suddenly in my forties, I hit a wall but when I got checked, all medical tests came back clear. Nothing appeared wrong. Doctors shrugged their shoulders with no answers or solutions. So I decided to get myself well, knowing this is not how my forties should feel. I couldn’t fathom going on by simply surviving day to day. And so began my journey.

What I discovered

I learned the key was supporting my body, mind, spirit, and emotions in every way possible. This became my path to wellness. 

I learned that being centered, grounded and emotionally healed helps humans easily handle life’s more significant challenges. Fully supporting my mind, spirit and emotions eased my physical issues. Every day my inner peace deepened and my relationships with others improved. My spirituality increased as did reaching every goal I set, personal, business and spiritual. 

Reducing toxins to support my body further improved my hormonal balance, helping with my emotional balance

That's why I'm here for you

I wished I’d known these things sooner, so I’m here to reach back. It’s been a healing and life-changing journey, and I’m on a mission to empower other women with feelings and experiences like mine. I read a quote that sums it up. "And when you get to where you're going, turn around and help her too. For there was a time, not long ago when she was you" - author unknown.

I discovered so many things, but it didn’t happen overnight. I researched, implemented new ideas, and slowly my health changed. My journey took more than 30 years and it doesn't need to take you that long. 

You are not broken

Learning how our emotions are connected to physical and mental health plus how our nervous system and adrenal system work together with our emotions and physical body helped me. That's the primary way I now guide others and what I offer you. 

I discovered stress from unhealthy relationships and viewpoints was impacting my physical health. Years of toxic, accumulated damage needed to heal. To do that, I needed to change some things, but it was tough because I have such a big, open heart. I learned our mind-body-emotion connection is remarkable. 

The science is simple, it’s not difficult to comprehend. In fact, you may already know all these things deep within your soul. I share what I've learned to empower others to heal emotionally and physically before it takes the toll on them that it did on me.

Mind, body, emotion connection

I truly appreciated this mind-body-emotion connection when I landed in ICU back in 2014, fighting for my life. I’m convinced that had I addressed my emotional issues and stressful situations sooner, I wouldn’t have found myself at death’s door. I’m not being dramatic. The reality of it all hit me hard, and I realized that I needed to accelerate and move more intentionally into this metamorphosis. Looking back, I had started to learn about emotional balance in my mid-20s but didn't have all the tools I needed then and had difficulty aligning what I’d learned with my core values and gentle nature.

Your journey

We are designed and created with all our emotions in our Creator's image. He possesses all emotions in perfect balance. Humans, not so much. But, the emotions are there. I’ve learned that viewing them as the blessing they are and tuning in to the message they’re designed to convey opens the way to emotional healing. 


Using Aroma Freedom Technique I have cleared trauma that was locked in my body. Painful memories including food trauma and surgical trauma are simply memories. The emotional attachment to those memories is dissolved. The story created at the time of those events and others are gone. This has dramatically intensified the peace I feel deep within

Essential oils and aromatherapy are a significant part of my journey so this moved me to get my aromatherapy certification and Aroma Freedom Practitioner certification. Now I can help you discover how your superpowered sense of smell empowers you to handle your unique challenges and heal deep wounds that you may or may not know are running in your subconscious, wreaking havoc on your life and self-sabotaging goals.
What I love about essential oils is that people’s knowledge and experience levels range from just thinking they smell good, all the way to the other end of the spectrum, digging deep into the science at the molecular level and exploring their naturally occurring chemical constituents. There’s something for everyone to learn, no matter your approach to learning. You can follow along with my journey with or without oils, but they’re certainly super-concentrated little bottles of incredible power! Learn more here.

My fire

My unique, personal philosophy drives excellence from within: What I learn holds little value until I share it with others. That’s how I’ve lived my entire life, both professionally and personally. That’s what I wrote on my resume in my early working days and I still feel it deep in my soul. It breathes life into me when I learn something and then share it with someone else. I can't keep this empowering thing I learned all to myself!  
I. Must. Share.

About me . . .

My name is Dee, Certified Aromatherapist and Aroma Freedom practitioner.
I’m an artist, poet, author, and wife to an amazing musician. We’re organic foodies, and our adventures as nature lovers include hiking, backpacking, and camping. Years back, I left my corporate job as a technical project manager to pursue a more peaceful and spiritually focused life centered around bringing praise and honor to our Father, Jehovah.

Work with me

I created my Level UP program to mirror my journey and reduce your healing time. You can jump leaps and bounds in a short amount of time. My program is organized step by step and I invite you learn more about my program here: Level UP Program 

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