Memory Release Session
... a very special Aroma Freedom session

This is for you if

you want to release memories that loop and replay, stay stuck in your brain or in some way interfere with your life

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$17 per person - limited seating

What if you could...
✓ set aside memories that plague you or you can't seem to release them, let them go? 
✓ release deep seated memories working against your present peace and growth? 
✓ unpack memories causing you to feel incomplete or emotionally charged? 
✓ claim your present life and set your path forward clear and strong?
✓ skip the goal statement part of a standard AFT and get right to releasing the same memory patterns that keep coming up?

 $17 per person - limited seating

Not into a group session?

I've got you covered! Schedule a regular AFT session
Choose "I have a particular memory that keeps coming up and I'm not sure why"
when scheduling your appointment so I know right off we're going to go right into releasing that memory

About me and why I offer this

For most of my life I lived stuck in fear, disassociation and mostly triggered except I had no clue. What I felt was massive muscle and joint pain. It took a full hour massage to get me relaxed enough for a chiropractor adjustment. It showed up as digestive issues from childhood through adulthood. My shoulders were up around my ears and I could barely move my neck

All of that is gone now thanks to addressing the emotional pain hiding underneath all the physical pain. It's been a journey and Aroma Freedom cleared up the last little bit for me. That's what moved me to get certified as a practitioner so I could offer this to others

I combine my personal experience and healing journey with the Aroma Freedom technique. I understand deep emotional wounding that we don't want to think about. This is a very gentle and healing process

I empower others to heal unseen or deep wounding, choose peace, set themselves free from damage, live to their fullest potential as their authentic self

The Memory Release Technique
What is TMRT exactly?
A standard Aroma Freedom session starts with a goal statement and we uncover memories keeping you stuck. What if you already know you have a memory that's stuck and you know what that memory is? GREAT then let's get right to it and release it. That's what makes this AFT session different from a standard AFT session.

Relief is absolutely possible - there's a science behind how memories form and how they get stuck and AFT is a simple, gentle way to help the brain release them

"Every breathing thing - let it praise Jah" 
Psalm 150

Here are the two brands of oils I recommend:
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