Monthly AFT Group Session for JW Only

Every Third Monday
7pm (eastern time)

What would it feel like clear overwhelm completely so you can set AND achieve your goals with ease and confidence?

This isn't wishful thinking, a positive mindset or anything you've experienced before.

This is about clearing conditioned, limiting beliefs and thoughts, getting underneath your overwhelm, and identifying your path to continued growth so you can set and reach your goals.

Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) is a gentle step-by-step process to clear the stories we believe about ourselves that limit what we think we can accomplish.

Life events create stories that create our limiting beliefs. Our survival or instinct brain uses these stories and limiting beliefs to make quick decisions that protect us from perceived threats or dangers, even if those choices are not rational or helpful in our current situation. I guide you to uncover the source of these limiting beliefs and clear them away so you can make more informed and beneficial decisions. We end our session using all our senses to create an empowering practice for you to continue toward your goal. 

Whether you have spiritual, personal or business goals this process will support you. 

What to Expect

  • Allow about one hour
  • Arrive early so you can get settled
  • I offer support prior to our start time to help you create and frame your goal in the most positive language possible to support your success
  • We will go through about 3 rounds of a standard AFT (personal sessions flow with your needs in the moment and group is more structured)
  • At the end I guide you to create an empowering affirmation 
  • You continue your daily practice on your own
  • You're welcome to keep in touch via email or text, in fact I love keeping in contact with my spiritual family!

Create the tools you need to clear your obstacles and overwhelm you so you can make permanent changes and reach all your goals.

* If you don’t have oils and want some, reply to your confirmation email so I can help set you up. Any natural botanical will work, as long as it’s not synthetic, so no scented lotions, candles or department store oils. If you have high-quality oils, have handy some of your favorites.
Learn more about AFT here: Aroma Freedom and YOU

"Every breathing thing - let it praise Jah" 
Psalm 150

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