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Before and Current 

These two photos are only several months apart - this is my journey in those months

My Journey
How in the world do I move my aromatherapy practice to a virtual platform if we don't have smellevision? I live in a very local, very tiny and town here in rural Pennsylvania. Originally, I was attracted to essential oils for their ability to support emotional healing. For most of my life I stuffed my emotions down and plowed through every day. You might know how that feels. We just hold it in and got on with it. In my 40s I struggled hard with emotional balance and my body was slowly breaking down. A friend was getting her certification in aromatherapy so I volunteered as one of her test subjects. It was the best thing I could've done. These little tiny bottles contained enormous power. Finally, I hit my emotional stride in my fifties. Looking back, I wish I had someone in my 30’s and 40’s to come alongside me and share emotional insight. I wish I knew how a gentle soul could have simple boundaries. So I was moved to get my aromatherapy certification and serve others to empower their emotional healing journey.

For a few years I did local workshops and vendor events helping others discover the power of essential oils. My practice was slowly growing, very slowly. I grew up near cities and lived a fast pace most of my adult life. Rural life moves at a different pace and I have to admit it was a bit of a culture shock with some major adjustments along the way. Then came a big challenge during 2020 when things around the world shifted. I mean how can I possibly help empower other's emotional healing using our sense of smell if we're not face to face? I'd only ever known and been taught in-person workshops. For months I struggled, did my best to offer consultations online. My aromatherapy practice was slowly grinding to a halt. I was frustrated and terribly sad.

At a time when the entire world needed emotional support and healing here I was with tools to help but no way to spread the message. One day I saw a YouTube video and the woman speaking was speaking to me. Straight to my heart. It was like she was in my head. I told my husband Tony, it's like she can read my mind. As I shared with him over the next few days my "interactions" with this person named Martha, Tony was under the impression she was consulting with me live. That's how real she spoke to me. By then he was used to me interacting with people via video conference. Except this Martha person wasn't live, I was watching her recorded videos on social media. She was that good. She knew me even though we hadn't met and what she said clicked. It made perfect sense. She was a business strategist who shared freely and spoke from her heart right to my heart.

Meanwhile, Tony was on hold with his blue-collar work and quite frankly had no desire to return to it anytime soon. It was grueling, in all sorts of weather and it was taking it's toll on his body physically. His business was growing, profitable, but was so not what he wanted to be doing with his life. He's a musician, and an amazing musician at that. He sits at the piano and composes his music right then and there, straight from his heart into the strings of his baby grand. When he plays we will never hear again unless he chooses to record and develop the piece.

"Do you think I can do something online with my music" he asked me. "Ha, I don't see how" I chuckled. He had performed at retirement homes and restaurants but everything was closed at the time.

Then it all started to fall into place.

I joined forces with hundreds of others creating a home based revolution with Martha leading the way. Within the first few days I returned to Tony and told him I knew what to do. We had direction - both of us - how to do what we love, share our passion, touching others souls, healing hearts. We are blessed. Join me, join the revolution
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Psalm 150

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