Emotions and Gut Health
from twisted to relaxed

"I just want to feel relaxed"

That's what I used to say every time my gut would twist into knots and I'd wince in pain. Here's how I set myself free from lifelong gut issues.

Learn to intentionally and mindfully invite a relaxed digestive tract from top to bottom anytime you feel gut tension and easily tap into peace and calm 

Here's what you get
  • video of live workshop 52 minutes
  • understand how emotions are tied to your gut so you can learn how to untwist your insides and relax
  • find relief anytime you need quickly and easily
  • release tension in any part of your body so you can truly relax and reduce pain
  • learn to relax your gut and internal organs - yes it is possible!!
  • understand about fight/flight and rest/recover
  • know how to release triggers
  • how to quickly access rest and recover mode
  • relax and feel at ease anytime, anywhere even under stress so you can focus and stay calm
Bonus stuff you also get
  • Bonus guide how to connect emotions to your physical gut symptoms - this is KEY to your own journey
  • Aroma Reset free guide so you can learn how to step through and reset anytime as needed
  • Private group chat and discussion space within the course lessons for ongoing support
  • Access to my exclusive Facebook support community for added support
Let's make this fun and easy!

About me and why I can help you

For years I experienced extreme fatigue, severe joint pain, backaches and my gut was in complete distress almost all the time - not anymore!

Doctors were unable to figure out why since all tests came back clear so I had to figure it out myself with hours of research and learning. I don't want anyone to have to search for answers and be in pain as long as I was so I share what helps me

I'll teach you some techniques to help you relax your gut and internal organs - yes it is possible!! This will greatly reduce pain throughout your body

Learn about fight/flight and rest/recover and how you can lean into rest/recover using just your brain and sense of smell

Here's what people are saying

"Every breathing thing - let it praise Jah" 
Psalm 150

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