What would it feel like to feel emotionally balanced every day? What would it be like to assess situations and respond with ease calmly?

I'm not talking about stuffing feelings down and plowing through life. This isn't wishful thinking, positive mindset or anything you've experienced before.

I'm talking about genuine peace from the inside, responding in a way that builds meaningful relationships and strong friendships. This is about flowing through emotions with ease and getting off the emotional rollercoaster. This is feeling emotions from a calm state, like a lake, rather than from a turbulent ocean.

This works because it's a journey I traveled and finally discovered how to feel all my emotions from a place of peace. I can have empathy and feel for people without "losing myself" in the process. I've developed this workshop based on experience and study, combining several techniques. It works for me and everyone who has taken my courses and workshops on the subject.

What You Get

This live, interactive workshop combines aromatherapy with other techniques for creating power goals. You can use fresh, natural botanicals if you don’t have pure essential oils. Use fresh or dried herbs, dried spices, or citrus fruit for the workshop exercises. If you use high quality essential oils, have on hand whichever appeals to you most.

You receive the following:
  • access to the entire workshop replay, including hours of video content and printable guides
  • rewatch content as often as you wish so you can reach all your goals
  • guides and worksheets for each module/lesson
  • techniques to use your sense of smell to clear obstacles that are guaranteed to work because of how scents interact with our amazing brain

Workshop Details 

Week 1 -  You may have heard of fight / flight and rest / digest but did you know there's a total of 5 states of our nervous system, not just two? This is significant because chronic stress affects not only our emotional and mental health but our entire physical body, immune system and gut health
Learn how to quickly move from fight / flight to peace.

Week 2 - Emotions and feelings - what's the difference between emotions and feelings? How is knowing this crucial to emotional balance? We'll also discover a second way to bring our bodies back to peace

Week 3 - Levels of emotions - knowing this is essential to getting off the emotional rollercoaster. How can we tune in and effectively address situations causing the emotions? Learn this technique and how to use my power guide / worksheet. 

Week 4 - Messages in emotions - we'll review each basic emotion category. Learn what each emotion was designed and created to do and how they are intended to serve us. Learn why there are no "bad" emotions and why are Creator gave them to us as gifts. 
This is a live, interactive workshop. During each session, we’ll introduce the topic and concepts. Be prepared to use your sense of smell along the way as we go through the workshop activities.

You can use any fresh herbs, dried spices, or citrus fruit if you don’t have high-quality essential oils. (If you don’t have oils and want some, I can help set you up. Just reply to your confirmation email.) Any natural botanical will work, as long as it’s not synthetic, so no scented lotions, candles or department store oils. This is fun and easy!

Each workshop session takes you through ways to set you up for success. We clear away current situations that may be creating challenges and we conclude with a clear and solid strategy personal to you.
Workshop runs for 4 consecutive Wednesdays
March 1, 8, 15, 22
7pm eastern time
Online via zoom

Just $97 for 4 Week Course for the first 20 people to register
If you think this is for you, don't delay!
Seating is limited 
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Why I Can Empower You

No matter the circumstances, I get it, no judgment

I use my skill of pattern recognition as a quick intuitive to build a roadmap from here to there. I empower you to choose decisions along the way, to reach your fullest potential in the most efficient way possible

According to my Clifton Strength Finders Assessment my core skills include the ability to see your big picture, understand where you are and the quickest way to get you to where you desire to be - your personal next level self

I see your destination and how to build your road to it with ease. I've done this throughout my life in my corporate job as a technical project manager, as an entrepreneur and in my personal life for multiple teams, individuals and myself. Over and over again. Now I offer my experience for your personal benefit so you too can level up

"Every breathing thing - let it praise Jah" 
Psalm 150

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