Emotional Balance
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What would it feel like to feel emotionally balanced each and every day? What would it be like to calmly assess situations and respond with ease?

I'm not talking about stuffing feelings down and plowing through life. This isn't wishful thinking, positive mindset or anything you've experienced before

I'm talking about real peace from inside, respond in a way that actually builds meaningful relationships and strong friendships. This is about flowing through emotions with ease and getting off the emotional rollercoaster. This is feeling emotions from a state of calm like a lake rather than from within a turbulent ocean

This works because it's a journey I traveled and finally discovered how to feel all my emotions from a place of peace. I can have empathy and feel for people without "losing myself" in the process. I've developed this program based on experience and study combining several different techniques. It works for me and for everyone who has taken my courses and workshops on the subject.

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What you get: 

This workshop combines aromatherapy with other techniques for creating power goals. You can use any fresh, natural botanical to explore if you don't have pure essential oils. Use fresh or dried herbs, dried spices or citrus fruit for the workshop. If you have Young Living essential oils select whatever appeals to you from your stash.

Here's a breakdown of the workshop / course modules
  • you have lifetime access to replay as often as you wish to level up your emotional balance
  • guides and worksheets for each module
  • chat, community and support for each module
  • BONUS - complimentary access to the self guided Emotional Balance course!!
  • This live course has double the content of that course plus live Q&A
Lesson 1 Intro = complimentary workshop
  • You may have heard of fight / flight and rest / digest but did you know there's a total of 5 states of our nervous system?
  • This is important because chronic stress affects not only our emotional and mental health but our entire physical body, immune system and gut health
  • Learn how to quickly move from fight / flight to peace
  • The remainder of the workshop will cover 3 key ways to achieve emotional balance plus other methods and modalities to quickly move our entire system back to peace
  • If you'd like to opt into just the free workshop scroll to the bottom of the page
Lesson 2 - emotions and feelings
  • what's the difference and how is knowing this the key to emotional balance?
  • a second way to bring our body back to peace
Lesson 3 - levels of emotions
  • what are levels of emotions?
  • how can we tune in and effectively address situations causing the emotions?
Lesson 4 - messages in emotions
  • we'll review each of the basic emotion categories
  • learn how each emotion was designed and created to do to serve us

Each workshop will be conducted by Dee Castelli. During each workshop we'll introduce the topic and concepts. Be prepared to use your sense of smell for clearing along the way as we go through the workshop activities

This is a workshop, not an AFT session, and we will be using our sense of smell. You can use any fresh herbs, dried spices or citrus fruit if you don't have Young Living essential oils. (If you'd like oils for the workshop I can help, just reply to your confirmation email) Any natural botanical will work as long as it's not synthetic so no scented lotion or candles. This is fun and easy!

You can attend each workshop live plus go back to experience each workshop multiple times. You'll have lifetime access to the trainings .

Each week we'll look at your emotions in ways that set you up for peace, we'll clear away current situations that may be creating challenges, we'll conclude with setting you up to reach emotional balance with ease.

Access the replays indefinitely!
Note this workshop is based on the content similar to the Emotional Balance course. There is double the amount of content plus LIVE  Q&A and actively working on activities throughout the one hour workshop. You also receive exclusive lifetime access to the Workshop Replay “All Pass” meaning all workshop replays available. If you can’t attend live and want the replay this is an aMaZiNg deal!!
Here's what people are saying

Why I Can Empower Your Emotional Balance

No matter the circumstances, I get it, no judgment

I use my skill of pattern recognition as a quick intuitive to build a roadmap from here to there. I empower you to choose decisions along the way, to reach your fullest potential in the most efficient way possible

According to my Clifton Strength Finders my core skills include the ability to see your big picture, understand where you are and the quickest way to get you to where you desire to be - your personal next level self

I see your destination and how to build your road to it with ease. I've done this throughout my life in my corporate job as a technical project manager, as an entrepreneur and in my personal life for multiple teams, individuals and myself. Over and over again. Now I offer to use my gifts to your personal benefit so you can level up

"Every breathing thing - let it praise Jah" 
Psalm 150

Here are the two brands of oils I recommend:
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