Emotional Balance
from chaos to calm in three easy steps
Feel your emotions from a place of balanced peace and calm
For years I stuffed my emotions down, plowed through life and not listening nearly cost my life in a very real way. In this course I'll show you how to step off the emotional roller coaster of extreme highs and lows. You'll learn how to feel and own your emotions, respond to situations from place of balance, peace and calm
About me and why I can help you
I was constantly edgy but couldn’t quite say why. I was happy all the time which sounds really good, right? Yet I was plagued by sleep issues. Although a sleep study showed no physical cause like apnea, I would wake in the middle of deep sleep gasping for breath. Occasionally I would burst into tears over such a tiny incident. Other times I’d have anger well up wanting to burst out. What was happening? Here’s how I resolved those issues and how I wish someone could have lit the path ahead of me to help me figure it out. That’s why I’m sharing this with you.

How would your life look if you could:

 ▶︎ Feel your emotions from a place of balanced peace and calm
 ▶︎ Honor your emotions and invite ease into your life
Here's what you get
  • Learn how to easily feel and simply articulate emotions
  • Express your emotions calmly instead of stuffing them down
  • Feel genuinely peaceful and calm
  • Have emotions that are steady and calm rather than waves
  • Own your emotions without letting them explode or having to suppress them
  • Understand the difference between an emotion and a feeling
  • Learn about levels of emotions so you can become aware of them at their lowest levels
  • Understand the messages of your emotions so you can respond appropriately with calm peace
  • Three lessons plus TWO bonus lessons
Bonus stuff you also get
  • my quick reference guide for levels of emotions (emotions list / emotions chart)
  • worksheet so you can personally step through identifying emotions quickly and easily
  • video outlining my method for uncovering situations and circumstances at the root of your emotions
  • BONUS video on the messages in emotions so you can tune in and understand what to do
  • BONUS video on using your sense of smell to reset your emotions anywhere, anytime
  • BONUS lesson on using aroma from specific plant part for specific emotional support
  • Private group chat and discussion space within the course lessons for ongoing support
  • Access to my exclusive Facebook support community for added support
Let's make this fun and easy!
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