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Do you struggle with overwhelm? 

The things underneath driving your overwhelm might not be what you think. On the surface we may experience frustration setting and reaching goals, and we may struggle with emotional balance, but what are the real obstacles?

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My mini courses are a great way to learn small, actionable things you can do in three specific areas: 

  • Calm your inner critic
  • Emotional balance
  • Boundaries

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Aroma Freedom is a gentle step-by-step process to clear the stories we believe about ourselves that limit what we believe we can accomplish. How would you feel if you had the tools to clear overwhelm and reach every goal in all areas of your life?

Emotional healing and boundaries support setting and reaching goals and clear overwhelm

► Without emotional balance and a supportive inner voice, we cannot have boundaries. Without boundaries, we cannot set or reach goals.

► At the same time, a lack of boundaries contributes to a harsh inner critic, emotional imbalance and overwhelm.

► Failure to reach goals further affects our inner voice as we internalize and judge our failure.

► My workshops, courses and sessions focus on specific areas: inner critic, emotional balance, gentle boundaries so you can finally set and reach goals. Clear your overwhelm at the source!
Not sure where to begin? Apply for a complimentary consultation so we can figure out what's best for you.
Don't take my word for it...
Meet Tashena - she's a capable professional rocking her corporate job plus her multiple income streams. She is able to balance everything to get it all done. She was one who stuffed it down and kept plowing through because who has time to deal with emotions? Double down and keep going. Then it happened. The proverbial wall. She "had a post traumatic stress disorder breakdown. In public. On vacation." She began a new level of healing and says "because I stopped running, repressing, fighting the triggers are less". She reports "I have been getting regular sessions since February and this is hands down the best reprogramming technique for the subconscious mind" according to posts she's shared publicly on her socials. 
Here's Liz - she's an amazing mom of a special needs child. She helps other parents of special needs children through her social media. She's a professional running her own business. In a 55 minute interview Liz shares her experiences following a single session with me and how it helped her work through special challenges, memories and emotions. Following her sessions with me I observed a shift as Liz opened up and starting sharing her story and her own healing journey on social media. She dove deep into helping other parents of special needs children and has done such amazing things!!
We can’t offer our whole mind, heart, soul or strength if we don’t have that in the first place. If our body is locked in fight/ flight we don’t have our whole strength. If part of our mind is stuck in the past or spinning with anxiety in the present, we don’t have a whole mind to offer. My Level UP system restores you to your whole self so you can offer your whole entire being, your whole soul, to Jah and others from a full heart and whole mind.
Do you long for peace from deep inside your heart free from: 
  • self-judgment, self-criticism
  • that internal voice working against you
  • the physical issues from stuffing feelings down
  • the emotional turmoil from balancing everyone's needs
  • total shutdown from when it all gets too much 
  • the rollercoaster and drama with challenging or difficult people