Coaching with Dee

No matter the circumstances, I get it, no judgment

I use my skill of pattern recognition as a quick intuitive to build a roadmap from here to there. I empower you to choose decisions along the way, to reach your fullest potential in the most efficient way possible
Create Goals That Stick
Single Coaching Session

This is for you if

  • Your long term goals are a challenge to reach
  • You make goals and can't get them to stick
  • You start out good and then fizzle

    Are you ready for a massive shift?
Create Your Perfect Day Every Day
Single Coaching Session

This is for you if

  • You procrastinate or have trouble with priorities
  • You have an immediate task that needs focus
  • Staying motivated your biggest problem

    Are you ready for forward momentum?

Custom Coaching Program
I help you get from here to there
Let's chat to create an ideal program for you!

  • Business goals
  • Health goals
  • Emotional health goals
  • Balanced life goals
Packages include:
  • 2 AFT sessions per month
  • Accountability and follow up
  • Month by month pricing
Let's see if I'm a good fit to empower you to meet your goals! Absolutely no obligation if you decide what I offer is not for you 💛 drop me a message - let me know you're interested in coaching and how you think I can help:
Coaching with AFT
Add On to Your Aroma Freedom Session
The add on to your Aroma Freedom session is "mini coaching" different than the full coaching package above. It's designed to support your empowered growth. An AFT session is designed to clear limiting beliefs and the emotions and memories under those limiting beliefs

Here's all you get for one month after your session: 
  • daily message weekdays (M-F)
  • delivered via email or text message
  • aligned to your affirmation and goal identified during your AFT session
  • messages include prompts to explore your new mindset now that you've cleared memories and emotions under the limiting beliefs you had before the AFT session
  • empowered growth and motivation to stay focused on affirmations and mindset development
Schedule your session or read more about AFT here:
My goal as your coach is to help you identify obstacles, to assist in finding motivation, to expand on your ideas. Through an Aroma Freedom Technique session you clear memories and emotions under the limiting beliefs. You emerge from a session with a brand new mindset, capable of making new choices. That's amazing and powerful. I'm here to empower your growth, dig into what you've tried, explore how it did or didn't serve you, uncover what else is possible now that those limiting beliefs are cleared away. I prompt you with questions to explore your mindset, thinking, options and open new ideas, new possibilities. Let's do this!

**What I offer as a coach is not mentoring, guidance or advice. I empower you, prompt you with questions to find your path and walk alongside you in your journey. I can't travel your journey for you although I may choose to share some of my journey, what I've tried and what worked for me. For mentoring and direct sharing of what my journey, my roadmap, see my paid courses. That's where I outline specifically my roadmap from here to there. If what you read about the course resonates jump in and invest in your growth! If you have questions about my courses please reach out to me
Many people ask me what oils I recommend - here's  the brand I use and why

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