Bulletproof Your Boundaries
Do you struggle with boundaries? Is the word boundary scary? Does it sound confrontational or difficult? Have you tried and just can't make boundaries stick? People don't respect your boundaries? If you think you can't do boundaries, think again!

With the right tools, anyone  can establish and maintain good, healthy boundaries. And when done right, boundaries convey gentle strength and kindness that improve relationships. Learn the four steps that make boundaries simple and bulletproof.

It's just $47

I was a corporate professional, and knew my stuff. They called me the diplomat for how I handled and navigated the stickiest situations and issues. I brought teams together, smoothed over conflict, and won over the most difficult customers. They gave me the riskiest projects, and multiple projects running at the same time, each with huge budgets and diverse teams. Yet with all that, when it came to certain relationships, I caved.
Are you a strong woman who can navigate work and rock it like the boss babe you are, but crumble when it comes to navigating boundaries in certain personal relationships or situations? ✋

Maybe you know about boundaries but are challenged to actually do them? If your boundaries feel hostile, if they are inconsistent, or even non-existent when it matters, oh how I relate.

This four lesson workshop will make your boundaries bullet proof, unwavering, impervious, solid, powerful and strong. And implementing them will feel kind, graceful, and honest.

I tried and tried with boundaries. Until I did these things, though, that's all I did: try... over and over... and failed to make them stick, caved all the time, wishy washy boundaries, lines in the sand not in concrete, gave in. All. The. Time.   I lost myself in the process until I hit a wall, big time, crashed, and had no choice but to find a way. I share that way with you and I know these things will give your boundaries sticking power and give you the backbone of steel you need to do boundaries with gentle kindness.
Are you ready?
  • to make a life-altering shift in the way you manage relationships?
  • to improve every relationship in your life?
  • to reclaim your life?
  • to learn about boundaries in a way you haven't heard before?
  • to make your boundaries absolutely unwavering, impervious and bulletproof?

Let's get started...
It's just $47
Here's what people are saying...
“Dee Castelli has proven to be a life saver.”

“This course has helped me to identify where I need to set boundaries and stick to them.”

“It was if she was saying it will be alright. We can do this together!”

“I am responsible to others, but not
for others!”

What do you get with the course?
  • Introduction to basic concepts
  • 4 lessons in module one designed to help you build your own bulletproof boundaries
  • Workbook designed to step you though each lesson
  • Video for each lesson
  • Written content for each lesson in the workbook and online lesson
  • Space in the workbook to work though the steps outlined to help you create your own bulletproof boundaries custom for you
  • Online private chat and discussion space for all workshop participants
  • WEEKLY LIVE COACHING with Q&A via video call for us to check in and chat 

It's just $47