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From Darkness Into Light
Poetry Collection of Empowered Growth
Transform and soar on wings of fire
From broken to healing. From buried to free.

This collection of poetry by Dee Castelli captures her transformation journey from darkness into light. Flow through the experience of utter brokenness, pain, awakening, desire, emergence, discovering gentle power and empowerment. This collection is about transformation, metamorphosis, discovering strength within and emerging.

Dee shares some of the artwork she created along this journey that captures the intense emotions. This is about courage, positive life changes, determination, believing change is possible, beyond change to transformation and choosing to stand gently in power.

From Darkness Into Light is an invitation to travel your journey, find your inner voice, heal internal wounding and trauma and let your light shine ever more brightly with each passing day. You will feel comforted and inspired into confidence to fully own your life, find your voice and transform.

Mindful Coloring
for relaxation 
Invite peace and relaxation through the power of art and nature. This collection of single-sided images inspired by nature helps ease stress, invite peaceful calm through mindful coloring for relaxation. 

Explore scenes, patterns, nature, color, all designed to help support stress relief. Discover how therapeutic coloring can be, no matter your age or experience level. Surrender all expectation of the outcome and just play. Step away from the chaos of daily living. Discover how art invites peace and relaxation into your world. Includes both simple and intricate designs to accommodate any skill level.

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Are you ready for a massive shift?

What would your life look like if you claimed each day? What if you had an easy way to affirm your actions connected to your goals? How would your day change if you set your intention and focus for each day? How would your life change by cultivating gratitude and appreciation? What if there was an easy way to cultivate desires into habits?

How would your life change?

What if you had emotional support along the way? Others who desire to claim their full life? What if you had easy to use tools to shift your energy and focus to what was truly important in your life?

What if this is the beginning of a beautiful journey of empowered growth that is simple, easy and fun?

I created this planner for empowered growth! Be sure to visit the link in the book to the secret page for free goodies and guides
Being Thankful
Gratitude Journal 

Take a step toward choosing contentment and joy! This gratitude journal has botanical prints on each page with journal prompts and tips. Space for self care notes, rate your day, thanks and journaling. Each page can be used daily or for any number of days - undated for flexibility!

Bonus! Comes with 5 Days of Gratitude video series to jump start your gratitude practice! Let's make this fun and easy together!

This journal comes in 5 different cover styles and this one is my favorite cover design:
The Invincible Family Project
Everyday families creating hope for their future

It’s time for regular, every day families, to change the status quo. It’s time for us to take back our power and change our collective futures. 

In this book you’ll find the true and inspirational stories of twenty-seven women who chose to take a chance and believe that there could be more to life than what they were living.

Notebook / Journal
Botanical Notebook 
Space for date and soft lines with botanical on each page. The botanical has no color. Feel free to color with pencil, pen, marker and share your pics in the reviews! I'd love to see what you add to your journal note pages!

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Dee Castelli is a Certified Aromatherapist focused on empowered growth and emotional healing

Recommended Reading for Healing

A collection of my favorite books for emotional balance, healing, gentle boundaries and empowered growth

"Every breathing thing - let it praise Jah" 
Psalm 150

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