Emotional   Freedom
Using Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT)
Group Session to help you build your biz
Hey there - if you're reading this page you've been invited to collaborate with me for group aroma freedom sessions
Make sure you schedule a chat with me to work out the details if we haven't already

I promised in my initial offer to 
  • show you how you can get samples to your non-oilers using just a plain first class stamp
  • organize the event and provide you the invitation
  • provide info blog on what AFT is
  • conduct the AFT session
  • all you need to do is invite and send samples
At the end of the Aroma Freedom session: 
Anyone who wants a PSK or oils will contact you for follow up
Anyone who wants more AFT can contact me if they so choose

Your Next Steps: invitation planning and samples

This is an exciting opportunity for you! Super simple - invite and send samples
Then you show up and enjoy the session

Set aside a bit of time for invitation planning and how you want to get people oils or samples
Think about how you want to use this event as a springboard to building your business

I'll send a link to the invitation so you can send it out

Who to Invite

  • Decide who to invite: include your current members, prospects, anyone who needs emotional freedom, oil skeptics, etc
  • Keeping your list segmented makes for easy follow up -- we're here to use this to help you leverage this event to grow your biz!
  • The invitation will include instructions on what oils they need and how to get them from you - PSK oils is all they need
  • Ideally you would have already had that conversation with them when inviting but I'll include that just in case to avoid confusion
  • If you have skeptics who just want to observe or experiment with a peppermint tea bag, cinnamon stick or dried herbs that's fine - they won't get the full effect and that's definitely not "official AFT" but they're more than welcome to experience how aroma and smell affects emotions - that's a huge step toward your further conversations with them to help them get their PSK
  • If you have fence sitters they can grab a PSK or
    • they can get just the basic kit and add lavender and frankincense
    • welcome home kit is good and either add stress away to the order or gift it to them as part of your onboarding / welcome
    • holiday starter kit would also work same as above regarding stress away
    • (the vanilla in the stress away is a key but not a deal breaker)

Samples / Oils

Anyone who needs their PSK or oils - get them their kit and follow your normal on boarding process with this as a bonus!
For all others, here's how to assemble samples and mail using just a first class stamp
You can also use mini rollers and I'll include my supply list below

Supplies I've used to help make it easy for you

Baggies and First Class Stamp
I use this method most and it's super simple
TIP: make your own blend in an empty 5ml of equal parts lavender, frankincense and stress away
This is the standard Aroma Freedom Memory Release Blend
You can use this for yourself and use just one drop for your own sessions or send someone just one or two drops easy
Little Baggies
Felt Pads

Paper Strips (cut in half)
If you want to get fancy

Other Supplies
These are other supplies I use and like
These would require a padded envelop and special mailing
I use some of these as part of my onboarding welcome package empty or with samples of other blends
1ml mini drams 
hold quite a bit but you can put just a few
5ml rollers
Inhalers are great to use and can be refilled if you pop the bottom off careful
Plain white inhaler - the smell usually lasts a long time
What is Aroma Freedom?
During an Aroma Freedom session we uncover what's holding you back. and release whatever is keeping you stuck. You'll be free to move forward, find flow and create the life you deserve

I combine my personal experience and healing journey with the Aroma Freedom technique. I understand deep emotional wounding that we don't want to think about. This is a very gentle and healing process

I empower spiritually minded women to set themselves free from damage and heal their unseen wounds from emotionally or mentally unhealthy relationships, choose peace and live to their fullest potential

Read my intro and you can follow the link to the full story if you'd like

Here's the blog to help explain what Aroma Freedom is exactly Read Blog

W hat if...

What is you felt empowered and completely free? 
Free to choose and live your life to your fullest potential? 
That's what Emotional Freedom using Aroma Freedom AFT is designed to do for you
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Disclaimer - aroma freedom techniques are non-medical processes and are not designed to diagnose or treat any medical conditions. This is not psychotherapy nor is it intended to replace psychotherapy. You are not required to share any memory recall during sessions, no history or background is needed for sessions. The practice is firmly based on scientific facts, how the olfactory system works, how the brain processes memory and emotion and is religiously neutral although each practitioner may incorporate their own style and practices before or after the steps outlined as Aroma Freedom Technique

"Every breathing thing - let it praise Jah" 
Psalm 150

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