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Aroma Freedom uses the power of smell to activate the amygdala (or emotional brain) to bring about memory reconsolidation and emotional freedom. While many scents can be used for this purpose, here are a few that will be particularly helpful in your session or class. Variety gives you more options during the processing portion of the session. If you don't have these exact oils or blends we'll use what you do have, this is fun and easy!
Envision Blend
Nice all purpose blend
Perfect for beginners who just want to get an experience of how the sense of smell can instantly shift emotion. This oil can be used as part of any individual or group session. You can do a full session with this oil, although it is preferable to use others also for best results.

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Basic Aroma Freedom Oils
Perfect assortment

Standard AFT Oils
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  • Memory Release Blend is equal parts Lavender, Frankincense and Stress Away. You can premix this in a roller or dropper bottle or one of your empty 5ml bottles
  • Release blend for processing feelings of anger, rage, or frustration
  • Inner Child blend for releasing feelings of sadness and loss, and for connecting to our creativity and energy
Affirmation Oils
  • Lemon, Valor or Transformation blend to support activation of the new energies, wisdom, and attitude that is available once negative thoughts, feelings and memories have been cleared.

"Every breathing thing - let it praise Jah" 
Psalm 150

Here are the two brands of oils I recommend:
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