21 Day Empowered Growth Challenge
from negative ruminating to peace in 4 easy steps
For years I struggled with negative self talk and spinning internal dialog. Instead of being my own best friend I was a big bully to myself. I turned that around and it took lots of trial and error to find a way that made it easy to move from fear to healthy, gentle boundaries externally. I discovered that my challenge to set simple external boundaries had everything to do with my internal dialog, what I thought of myself and how I felt about myself. If any of that sounds familiar then this is for you! Learn FOUR key steps to amazing growth and internal motivation.

My journey took YEARS and I'm here to shortcut that for you into 21 days. I pull it all together and deliver to you with daily videos and printable journal - this is fun and easy 💛 This course is all about finding tremendous strength for internal boundaries that unlocks your potential for emotional healing and gentle external boundaries. There's lots out there about boundaries and this is completely different - it's about how to feel it from the inside out.
Here's what you get
You'll learn:
  • to end ruminating thoughts so you can decrease negative self talk
  • what is guilt exactly so you can surrender unnecessary burdens
  • what is inappropriate shame so you can invite grace for yourself and others
You'll learn:
  • to release stuck emotions, situations and relationships so you can increase your self worth
  • how to stay present rather than mentally disassociate in fear
  • how to end rumination with simple questions
Bonus stuff you also get
  • Free printable guide of the empowered growth course information
  • Guide includes space for notes to follow along with the videos
  • Private group chat and discussion space within the course lessons for ongoing support
  • Access to my exclusive Facebook support community for added support
Let's make this fun and easy!
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