from xx to xx in # easy steps
What you've been through - where you take them [video and 2-3 sentences here]
small paragraph 2-3 sentences what they'll get out of the course
About me and why I can help you
Small paragraph - why they should connect with you [what's in the video]
Here's what you get
  • Modules / lessons what they get from each
  • You'll learn xx so you can xx
  • Connect module to what they get
  • You'll learn xx so you can xx
Bonus stuff you also get
  • list some here
  • Private group chat and discussion space within the course lessons for ongoing support
  • Access to my exclusive Facebook support community for added support
Let's make this fun and easy!
Here's what people are saying


"Every breathing thing - let it praise Jah" 
Psalm 150

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