5 Days of Gratitude
Amplify gratitude to increase joy!

Join us on FB or zoom for a 5 day boost live in group or catch the replay

We will stream live from zoom to FB and you can interact face to face on zoom or via FB chat in the group

Each day we'll begin with some aromatherapy to invite a peaceful mindset so if you don't have oils just use fresh herbs, dried spices or a citrus fruit. Use whatever you have on hand that happens to sound appealing to you each day

Then we'll go through the different parts of the gratitude page for that day, review some prompts together and have time to write on your page for that day

You can share whatever you'd like or just listen

This course will remain free in the Facebook group as a Guide and for anyone in the future who purchases my gratitude journal

Join the group here:

Be Thankful book or see complimentary printable in FB group

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