Create Goals That Stick
Have you made goals and can't get them to stick?
Do you try, start out good and then fizzle?

Come learn how to make power goals that stick!

In just 60 minutes you'll learn to:
  • identify key goals that hold deep meaning for you personally
  • create goals that solve your problems
  • dissolve obstacles, negative self talk and self sabotage
  • 3 things you can do starting right away
  • how to reach your goals in 90 days
This workshop brings power to your goals in a unique way

We'll remove obstacles to reaching your full potential and conquer once and for all those limiting beliefs and negative self talk sabotaging your forward momentum!

We upgrade the language of your goal and create a solid connection to it's success

This workshop combines aromatherapy with other techniques for creating power goals. You can use any fresh, natural botanical to explore if you don't have pure essential oils. Use fresh or dried herbs, dried spices or citrus fruit for the workshop. If you have Young Living essential oils have on hand whatever appeals to you. This is Aroma Freedom Technique in a brand new way!

You'll also learn about a new and exciting workshop series to upgrade each of your goals and ensure you meet them!

Workshop starts January 5th for 4 consecutive Wednesdays live or replay with lifetime access to the replays, guides and presentations so you can review as needed to set new goals!