Quinoa Salad - quick and easy lunch
Super easy and quick quinoa salad. Fast facts: quinoa is high in protein and contains sufficient amounts of all nine amino acids. Lime and Cilantro are super immune boosters and Parsley is an internal cleanser and antioxidant. That right there is why I love plant power! Share this recipe and comment below if you try it or have other flavor ideas!

Recipe below and some quick snaps here for visual yumminess. Used leftover (chilled) quinoa, fresh herbs, cranberries, essential oils mixed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. (The really thick good kind!) Just needed to get some yummy goodness in me for lunch and this was quick, easy and super benefits besides.
Quinoa cooked and chilled with fresh herbs and dressingUse fresh herbs or nonGMO essential oils for a super flavor boost plus amazing plant power. 

quinoa saladCloseup of completed salad


Dressing - mix in bottom of bowl
  • 1TB olive oil
  • 1tsp balsamic vinegar
  • drops of essential oil if you're using
  • fresh herbs whatever is on hand (I had parsley so used that today)
Add to bowl and stir into dressing:
  • about a cup of chilled leftover quinoa
  • 1TB dried cranberries - I used fruit juice sweetened
  • 1TB chopped walnuts

Printables and other stuff...

lime essential oil infoinfo sheet on the benefits of lime - this is why I use essential oils!

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