Essential Oils for Cooking and Baking
Personally I love cooking with essential oils and the flavor burst is amazing not to mention the wellness benefits of essential oils. Below is a quick use guide for vitality oils labeled for internal use. Quality matters and I wouldn't ingest any other essential oil. Choose oils labeled and approved for internal use. The oils I choose are nonGMO and great to have on hand for when fresh is unavailable or if you run out and need some for a recipe. Not to mention the health benefits of concentrated plant power. 

Here's some of my ideas. What else? Give me some ideas in the comments below!

Quick Ideas

Savory dishes - lots of herbs to choose from - mix with olive oil and use wherever you'd use fresh or dried herbs - salad dressing, bread dipping oil, drizzled over fresh tomato / mozzarella appetizer. Start with 8oz extra virgin olive oil and add savory vitality herb oils drop by drop and taste test along with way. Basil, thyme, parsley, sweet marjoram, rosemary, sage, tarragon, oregano (go light it’s a “hot” oil)

Best ever guacamole I add a drop each lime and cilantro

Savory hot dishes - in marinades - a friend made orange chicken kebabs by adding orange oil to her favorite bottled marinade, below is a blog post for my Asian ginger lime marinade, mix herb oils and lemon or lime essential oil with olive oil for a marinade or dressing, 

Cumin mixed with olive oil and ground cinnamon or cinnamon essential oil tossed with steamed carrots is super yum!

Put about 2 tsp olive oil in the bottom of a bowl, add one drop cumin vitality, stir and toss in cooked lentils.

Hot beverages - one drop of essential oil on a tea bag or in the loose tea to diffuse the flavor into the tea. Hot cocoa with a toothpick swirl or up to 1 drop peppermint is yummy. Flavor your coffee with orange or cinnamon toothpick swirl. 

Cold beverages - essential oils in ice tea or ice water - be sure to use a stainless steel straw and glass or stainless vessel - citrus oils break down plastic (that's great for cleaning but that's another topic entirely) but citrus oils are very cleansing for your body - think about why people use grapefruit and lemon for a cleanse or keeping the gut moving. Oh and lavender lemonade!

Baking - orange is amazing anywhere you'd use orange extract - just cut waaaay back to 1-2 drops, peppermint is great in brownies add just 1 drop to a standard box mix that makes an 8" square. Make your own chocolate – melt some chocolate and add a drop of orange or peppermint or one of each and drop onto parchment paper, let cool until solid. Lemon shortbread or lavender scones – just add a drop to your favorite recipe. 

Flavored toothpicks - for after dinner teeth cleaning use up the last little bit of cinnamon or peppermint. Pop the plastic reducer off the bottle and insert some toothpicks. They'll wick up the oil and make nice flavored toothpicks. 

Add to yogurt - try orange or cinnamon

Cashew fluff - 1 cup cashews soaked overnight, 1 cup dried dates soaked overnight. Drain cashews, rinse and whirl in high speed blender with some of the date water until it starts to fluff. Add some dates and 1-2 drops essential oil of choice. Use to dip fresh cut fruit - apples, strawberries, oranges, pineapple.

My favorite way to capture all the benefits and flavor is infusing a carrier oil with the essential oil. 
  • For lentils in the bottom of my serving bowl I put some olive oil, add a drop of cumin essential oil and maybe some dried turmeric, garam marsala and fresh ground black pepper
  • Some recipes require just a toothpick swirl –  swirl a toothpick around the top of the vitality oil bottle to pickup some oil then stir into your recipe or beverage
I'll come back to this post and add more but you get the idea - anywhere you want the flavor add as follows: 
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