Mind Body Emotion Connection
Is the mind body emotion connection real? What do you think? How does knowing the answer help you? What does it mean?

Here’s my thoughts based on personal experience and research.

The other night during our Goals workshop as we played with our goals and explored our sense of smell to help gain clarity along the way an interesting thing happened. Some participants began to notice that as they mentally tweaked their goals and tuned into the emotion connected to the obstacles the emotion was “sitting” in different places in their body. Yes!  

Have you ever felt stress in your gut or had a “gut reaction” to something? Have you ever heard the expression “I’ve got cold feet” about an upcoming event? Maybe you’ve heard the expression “it sends chills down my spine”? Maybe you’ve felt brokenhearted? 

Our mind, body and emotions are intricately connected. So how does this information serve us?

When we stuff down our emotions and plow through life rather than tuning into what our body and mind is trying to tell us it can definitely affect our physical health. This was my personal experience and for years medical doctors and other practitioners warned me that if I was unable to release my emotions it would have an affect on my health. Eventually that’s exactly what happened.

In my situation I had no choice but to tune in to the emotions and observe what was happening. When we learn to pay attention to our emotions at their lowest level there is no need for the body and mind to escalate the emotion in an attempt to get our attention. There is some external situation or internal dialogue the mind and body requires us to address. Yes it’s that simple. I encourage you if that makes sense or is something you wonder about yourself please do some research. 

It's clear we were designed this way as this proverb reminds us 
"A calm heart gives life* to the body" (*ftn=health) Proverbs 14:30
It was right there in front of me most of my life...

Here’s a short video I made about how feelings differ from emotions. Learning this one thing set me on a healing path. I was better equipped to hear and observe my emotions. Wishing you peace 💛

Here's the study I reference in the bonus video below
PubMed is a reliable medical research site I used for my anatomy and physiology plus my aromatherapy studies and continue to use as reliable reference

Bonus Video 

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