Sailboats - 2 things to get you some forward momentum!
The other day I read an amazing illustration about a sailboat. To get anywhere the sailboat must do 2 things: row and unfurl the sails. What can we learn from this?

Were you ever in a sailboat? I was once and it was amazing. Out in the ocean it was still and quiet. There was a real sense of peace with just the sounds of the breeze in the sails and the gentle lapping of water on the sides of the boat as we cruised along. Our time in the sailboat was in the hands of experts.

Rowing out into the ocean takes effort and energy. The rower must use their entire body. There’s a great exertion of effort and the need to maintain balance and rhythm. Have you ever rowed? Maybe a kayak or rowing machine at the gym? Lots of energy expended!

Sometimes getting to where we want to be requires quite a bit of effort and exertion of energy. Once we're there though, isn’t it worth the effort? Especially if it’s something good we really desire.

Unfurling the sails means the sail is fully open. Only then can the sails catch wind.  I am by no means anywhere close knowing much about sailing. Here’s what I do know. In order to go anywhere a sailboat must do two things: unfurl the sails and catch the wind.

The sailboat must row out into the path of wind and open the sails to move.  If the sails are opened fully but it doesn’t catch the wind the sailboat doesn’t move. If it’s in the path of the wind but doesn’t open the sails it doesn’t move.  

It takes courage to open up, be authentic, real and honest. It takes courage to interact with others and yes sometimes risk. It takes effort to row out into the path of the wind. If we don’t put ourselves in a position to catch the wind and if we don’t open up we’re not really going to get anywhere.

Sometimes in the event of an impending storm it’s best to keep the sails furled because the wind is too great for the sailboat to handle. It’s that way emotionally opening up to others. It’s good to know when a potential storm is brewing and keep the sails furled.

When we find the right wind, when we find the right people, these are people who are lift us up, move us forward, they’re headed towards the same destination as we desire to reach. If others aren’t lifting us up, encouraging us and providing wind for our sails we to evaluate the impact to our forward movement. Worse yet, if they’re poking holes in our sails look out!

With time and experience we can learn when to safely open up and how to catch the wind.

Safety of dock is like our comfort zone. For certain if we stay in our comfort zone we are definitely going nowhere. It's easy to stay safe, to stay small, closed. Some may feel comfortable in their dock and that’s fine. No judgement. The dock isn't a bad place! It's good to come back to the safety of the dock and regroup, refuel, take some quiet time to recharge. Living at the dock is ok too - some people have houseboats that sort of just stay at the dock all year.

Me? I desire to live life fully and finally found ways to leave the safety of the dock, engage with others, have safe relationships and interactions, get some good wind in my sails. I wish you whatever brings you peace and joy!

What's your wind? For me it's God breathed and I know my people that lift me up. It’s all about gentle, healthy boundaries.

What’s your destination? Who is the wind in your sails? Have you caught your wind?

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  1. This was beautiful!
    The article and the bonus video with your personal experience and tidbits of wisdom. (And I really enjoy hearing it in your voice.)
    Thank you for being brave and opening up. It's encouraging to know it's possible and worth it.

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